Un-Expected September

Louise Eleanory is an 18 year old girl. she has 4 best friends Korrina,Madison,Nicole, and Avery.their life seemed kind of boring but when they win a contest their life changes.


7. Summer's Over

I woke up to the sound of my alarm clock. I rubbed my eyes and looked at the time it was 6:30am. "Korrina wake up"i said."no"she said tired."we have to go to school"i said."no"she said a little bit annoyed."alright"i said acting like i lost the battle but really had a plan.i walked to the kitchen filled a cup with ice and water and walked back to my room and stood beside Korrina And dumped the water on her."ahh"she screamed."you idiot"she said while hitting me with a pillow."now we have to get ready"i said."fine"she said getting up.we started walking around my apartment like zombies while getting ready. I then went into my room and picked out my outfit,it was a Miami heat tank top with a white Aeropostale sweater on top,(so they don't see that I'm wearing a tank top),and some navy blue jeans.i walked over to my mirror and put on my makeup,i wore concealer,mascara,eyelid primer,and a light eyeshadow.i then grabbed my bag and was ready to go,I walked downstairs to see Korrina already ready."ready to go"i asked."yup she said getting up.we then got up and walked out the door.we walked over to the bus stop."are you excited for the first day of school"i asked her."yeah grade 11 woohoo"she said sarcastically."hey I'm doing the victory lap right now so i doubt that's gunna be super fun"i say."well Nicole is so lucky she gets to graduate this year"Korrina said."well technically it's next year."i said."ok whatever,she gets to graduate this school year"she says."that's better,and hey you get to graduate next school year"i say."but...as she is about to continue i cut her off.listen kid just enjoy high school while you can cause when you're done you realize that it actually went by pretty quickly"i said."she shook her head."whatever"she said.the bus then came and we walked onto it,we sat and waited in silence until the bus pulled up at our school we all got off of it. We walked inside."alright meet here after and remember I'm half a donut without you"i said its an inside joke,you see we split this heart shape donut this one time and its like 'half a heart' by one direction but now we just keep saying it."I'm half a donut without you to"she said. After that we walked to our separate lockers and started classes


After class i was waiting at the spot where we said we would meet,it's been ten minutes where is she? I wondered then my phone buzzed.i reached into my pocket and read it 'gunna be and hour i got a club thing'-Korrina.i put the phone away and thought to myself i never bought Korrina a birthday present that taxi doesn't count.so I walked out of the school and over to the pet store.you see Korrina really wants a cat and so guess what,I'm gunna buy her one.so I walked into the pet store,i love this place their cats are $50.00 its amazing.so I walked in and started looking at all the little kittens.they were all adorable but there was one that caught my eye.a little black and grey one. I got to hold her she was adorable so i bought her actually i bought two like i said they're $50.00 so another $50.00 isn't that bad as i then started to

walk home when i realized that the car repair shop is right next to the pet store,so I went in and got my car i then put the two little kittens in the back and drove back home.when I got home i let the kittens go see their new home well actually for one of them its their temporary home.so like i said Korrina's is black and grey mines all black with white under its chin. I'm gunna name her Monti,because when I was 13 i had a hamster named Monti and she was the best. I then heard a knock on the door. its Korrina.i went and hid the kittens in my room and shut the door. I let her in."hey"she said."hey"i replied."how was your club thing"i asked her as she came in and sat down."it was good,really fun actually"she said."cool and by the way i have a birthday present for you"i said."what I told you not to"she said."tough luck cause i got you one"i said standing up."stay here"i said walking up the stairs and onto the little balcony that led to my room.i opened the door and both the kittens came running out and ran down the stairs."you didn't"she said."i did"i said walking down the stairs."now the black one is mine the other one is yours"i said while picking my kitten up."this is Monti"i said."aww thats cute like your hamster right"she said she said while holding her kitten and she was super happy to.i nodded "i think I'm gunna name mine Prada"she said."oh right you do like that name"i said."hey i think I'm gonna buy a snake next"i said you see i love snakes and i really want one."yeah you can do that after i leave"she said.we both laughed and sat and watched T.V. With Prada and Monti.

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