Un-Expected September

Louise Eleanory is an 18 year old girl. she has 4 best friends Korrina,Madison,Nicole, and Avery.their life seemed kind of boring but when they win a contest their life changes.


2. Mall With Korrina

We then walked outside my house "alright so it's 11:00 if we start walking now we should be at the mall by umm...11:45" Korrina said to me. "ugh, do we really have to walk"I replied. "got another idea" she said "fine" I replied and we started walking. "so what do you want for your birthday"? I said to Korrina. "Oh no no no don't even think about it your not getting me anything" Korrina replied. "Fine then I'll just guess" I laughed. We kept walking and talking. When we got to the mall we went and looked at the map."so where do u wanna go first I asked "umm I don't know HMV" Korrina said "sure" I said. We then found HMV on the map and began to walk there. when we got there we went to the CDs. Korrina was looking at Taylor Swift CDs. But I started looking at Selena Gomez CDs. "I'm going to get these" I said holding up Selena Gomez's CDs called 'a year without rain', and 'kiss and tell'. "why don't you get the newer one" she said "because I already have that one" I said. "well I'm getting these" she said holding up 'Red'  by Taylor swift and 'Take me home' by One Direction. "don't you already have those" I said to Korrina. "ya but I lost them" she said "nice" I said sarcastically. She laughed,And we went to the counter to buy our stuff. I set my CDs On the counter "$26.57please" the lady said. "here you go" I said handing her the money, we then walked out we went to lots of different stores and places until finally it was 2:00 so we left the mall. "alright so if we start walking back now we should be home by 2:45" Korrina said. "nope don't even think about it I'm calling a cab"I said. "I can't I spent all my money" she replied."don't worry consider it a birthday present"I said. She sighed "oh Louise, what would I do without you" Korrina said I laughed and we found a cab and got in."917 Tavin ave please"I said.the driver nodded his head and began to drive. we waited in the car when a song came on I couldn't here I very well "excuse me may you please turn the volume up" I said "sure" he said he then pushed the volume button up and the volume went up. It was 'I knew you were trouble' by Taylor Swift. I looked at Korrina  and Korrina looked at me then we just started singing. "once upon a time a few mistakes ago I was in your sights you got me Alone you found me you found me you found me e e e e e" we kept singing and when we got to the chorus we started screaming "I knew you were trouble when you walked in so shame on me now out blew me to places I never been till you put me down oh I knew you were trouble when you walked in so shame on me now out blew me to places I never been now I'm lying on the cold hard ground oh oh trouble trouble trouble" we kept singing and then he pulled into my driveway how much I asked $30.00 he said I gave him money and we got out of the car and went inside.

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