Un-Expected September

Louise Eleanory is an 18 year old girl. she has 4 best friends Korrina,Madison,Nicole, and Avery.their life seemed kind of boring but when they win a contest their life changes.


5. Happy birthday and Demo

Louise's P.O.V.

I woke up and found Korrina who was still sleeping everyone else was on there Phones.I then looked over at Korrina and thought for a moment."everyone c'mon gather around Korrina"I said."why"Avery said."because when she wakes up were all gunna say happy 16th birthday"I said.they then nodded and we gatherd around Korrina.after a few minutes she began to wake up."one two three"I said."happy 16th birthday!"we all shouted.Korrina started smiling then laughing."thanks"she said half asleep."so are you gunna get your license soon" i said. "your asking me at 9:00am on the day of my 16th birthday if im gunna get my lisence soon" korrina said half asleep."yup" i said.she just laughed."speaking of which if you have your license why didn't we just drive to the mall" Korrina said."my car is in the shop"i said."oh"she said."alright guys so i was thinking that maybe today'sky high 'could make a demo"i said.sky high is our band. Nicole is the lead singer, Korrina and I are guitars, Madison is keyboard, and Avery is drums."are we ready" Nicole said."of course we are" i said."then lets go"Avery said. We then walked down the stairs and into the recording room(my basement).i plugged in my guitar as did korrina and we started. Nicole began to sing the first verse."you thought you knew me but you never did,you thought all that you said was right"she continued the rest of the verse until we got to the chorus and we all sang.we continued singing the rest of our songs until we were finished and we all sounded really good."wow that sounded great" i said as i was taking out the cd that we recorded the songs on."ya it sounded amazing"Madison said."alright heres the cd" i said holding the cd in the air."cool" they all replied.

(9 hours later)

It was 7:00pm and we were going to take Korrina out for dinner. We were all siting on my couch i looked over at Nicole and winked signaling her to talk."You know what its getting kind of hot in here do you guys want to go for a walk"she said."ya sure"we all said.we then walked outside and walked to the restaurant."what are we doing at Valentino's"Korrina said."Happy birthday"i said. she laughed and we walked in."reservation for Solinin"Avery said."ah yes right this way"the hostist said."she then led us to our table."can i start you off with some drinks" our waitress said."i will have an ice-tea"i said."i'll have a water with ice please"Korrina said."i will also have an ice-tea"avery said."and i'l have an ice tea to"Nicole said."and i'l also have a water"Madison said."ok do you know what your going to order"she said."i think we should get one pizza for us all to share and some Cesar salad"Korrina said.Madison,Avery,and Nicole nodded."ok but Im also going to get a Panzzarati" i said."ok we will have one large half pepperoni half cheese pizza,a caesar salad and shes going to have one Panzzarati"Korrina Said pointing at me at the last part. After a while the lady came with our food and i ate it right up.After we were finished we all went back to my house it was 9:00 at 9:15 Madison drove home and at 9:30 Nicole drove home and at 10:00 Averys mom came and picked Avery up so it was just Korrina and I."so"Korrina said."so"i said."what do you want to do". Korrina said."well since we are gunna meet one direction i wanna talk about them"i said."random but ok" Korrina said partially laughing."ok who is your favourite member of one direction".i asked her."umm Niall what about you"she asked."i dont know its a tie between Louis and Liam"i said.ok next whats your favourite song by them"she asked me."uhh i like nobody compares,and everything about you,and best song ever,and diana,and story of my life"i said not being able to make up my mind."i like 'over again and story of my life"she said getting straight to the point unlike me.i yawned. There was a few seconds of silent."time for bed lets go"i said getting up."alrighty you said that really weird but just saying try not to slam your chin on the floor tomorrow"she said with a smile."hey every time i slam my chin an ice cream truck comes"i said."oh really name one time besides yesterday"she said."when i was 8 i tripped on someones foot in disney world slammed my chin and the ice cream truck came."i said."youve never even been to disney world"she said."yes i have"i said smiling."really"she replied smiling."well in my mind"i said,she laughed.we then walked to my room and i got in my bed and Korrina slept on the air mattress and we slowly fell asleep.

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