Un-Expected September

Louise Eleanory is an 18 year old girl. she has 4 best friends Korrina,Madison,Nicole, and Avery.their life seemed kind of boring but when they win a contest their life changes.


4. hanging with my buds

When we got back to my house we sat on the couch and watched tv."oh you know what I'm gunna invite the girls over".i said."ok".Korrina said.I then took out my phone and called Avery. it rang twice then there was an answer."hello"Avery said."hey Ave it's Louise".i said."hey Louise what's up" she said ."do you wanna come hang out with me and Korrina".i said."like right now"she said."yup"I said "sure"she said."ok bye"I said and hung up.i then called Nicole then Madison And they all are comming over.there then was a knock on the door.i got up to answer it and when I opened the door I saw Avery."Ave"I said.then Nicole came up behind her,"hey Niki".i said they came in and sat with us,and 5 minutes later there was another knock on the door.i sighed."Avery go answer that".i said tired."why are you so tired".Avery said while she was getting up to answer the door.I stared at Korrina."huh what your blaming this on me"Korrina said with a smile on her face."yup"i said."woah what did I just walk in to".Madison said as she walked in."hey Madi"i said."ok so anyway guys we have big news"Korrina said."what is it"?Nicole said."WERE GOING TO MEET ONE DIRECTION"Korrina said!"WHAT"!!Avery said."ya we won a contest"Korrina said while handing the girls the open cd case."I can't believe this I'm gunna meet o..one..d..d..direction"Avery said."we all are"Korrina said."I gunna wear my sparkly shoes"Madison said with a huge smile on her face.we all laughed then looked at Avery who was hyperventilating."Ave are you ok"Nicole said."w..w..when"Avery stutterd."what do you mean when" Korrina said."w..w..when..are..w..w..we..m..m..meeting them"Avery said."I don't know I'll call"Korrina said.as Korrina got up to go get her phone from my room I walked over to Avery who was crying.I gave her a hug"Avery don't cry,I know it's gunna be exciting we're all excited right guys"?i said to the girls."ya"Madison said."I know it's just they're so so good"Avery said."Hey you finally said something without stuttering"Korrina said as she walked in,we all laughed even Avery."could you please read the number on the paper for me Nicole"Korrina said.Nicole nodded and began to read the number."thanks" Korrina said as she put the phone up to her face.

Korrina's P.O.V.

I came back into the room to see Avery finally calm."could you please read me the number on the paper" I said to Nicole.she nodded and read the number."thanks"I said as I held the phone up to my ear.I listened to the sounds of the beeps until I heard a voice."hello"a man said."Hi I'm Korrina Marrel and I bought a one direction cd that said we won a contest and when I went to HMV they said me and 4 of my friends get to meet one direction and I was told to call you for details"I said."oh yes well let me start by saying congratulations and that on Saturday you girls will get to hang out with one direction for the day"he said."that's great"I said."yes it is wonderful now a limo will be picking you guys up at 10:00am and which address will we be picking you girls up at"he said"one second"I said I covered the phone."guys they need to pick us up at one address maybe we could have a sleepover at one of our houses"I said."we can have it here Louise said."that will be fine"Avery,Nicole,and Madison said.i nodded and put the phone back up to my face."could you please pick us up at 917 Tavin ave"I said."sure"the man said."ok bye have a nice day"I said."bye you to"he said.I then hung up."what did he say"Louise said."that he's gunna pick us up here on Saturday at 10:00am"I said."sounds good"Nicole said.we all nodded and watched tv for the rest of the day.after a while it was already 9:00pm so Avery,Madison,and Nicole decided to sleep over. We then watched T.V. For 2 more hours and then we headed to bed.I layed down on the air mattress with Avery and Nicole and Madison shared an air mattress Louise slept on her bed I looked over at Louise who had already fallen asleep.I then closed my eyes and slowly fell asleep.

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