More Than This (Complete)

Every Girl Needs A Dress She Feels Pretty In.. A Song That Makes Her Cry.. A Place You Can Call Home.. A Dream She Believes In.. A Guy She Can Love


11. Zayn.

Skylar's POV.

"What are you going to wear?" Eleanor asked making me snap back into reality. "Huh?" I said coming back to earth. "" I got up rambling through my drawers, rushing to find clothes. "Skylar just go fix your hair and makeup girl. I'll find you some clothes."

I gracefully curled my hair and swooped it in the front with a french braid in the back. "Skylar hun, wear this," She said. "It will be so cute." I smiled at her. I got my clothes (A/N this is the outfit she is going wear..xD lucky)

I walked back into the restroom, carefully putting my clothes on. "You alright in there?" I shouted a yes. I put on light makeup. I love natural look on myself. Instead of wearing my black heels, I wore my light pink converse/high tops. "You ready?" Eleanor asked. Heck no, so I could come back home with a bloody nose and a bruise eye. No thanks, I'm good. 

"Y-yeah S-sure." I shudder.

"You okay?"

"I hope so." Eleanor had a confuse face expression getting ready to ask me another question, but, she didn't push the situation. We walked down the stairs, me being me I skipped a step and fell face first to the ground. "Omg.. Skylar-" I interrupted her with a ear piercing laugh. "I'm..okay." I said between each giggle. She finally gave in and burst out laughing. After we lost 10 pounds of laughing, we left. 



I stepped out into the busy streets of New York. I glanced at the place we were at. Ah...Starbucks. I heard my phone ring, I picked it up. "Hello? Hey Zayn." After about 10 minutes of talking, I finally walked into the empty starbucks with Eleanor. "Eleanor, no one is here." I turned around noting seeing Eleanor behind me. "SKYLAR!!" Eleanor yelled in pain.

"Well..well..well If is isn't the bitch who stole my boyfriend." A person said with an unfamiliar voice. As I closed my eyes tight, thinking this is all a dream. I felt blood rising in my mouth. I had just been punched. "Eleanor!!" I yelled with another punch to the face. I felled down on my back as I felt defeated, then the unfamiliar person climb on top of me, throwing powerful punches to my face. "Don't ever get in my way!" 

I heard someone rambling through my purse quickly dialing someone's number. I raised my hand to my face, gently touching the bruises. I flinched here and there. As I open my eyes it felt like someone a thousand pounds sitting on me. Just thinking about it makes it hurts worse then It already is. "911.." I heard a unfamiliar voice say. I tried to make out the voice. 

It felt like cotton wool stuffed deep in my ears. "Skylar..Skylar!!!" A boy yelled sound like his been crying. I kept trying to keep my eyes open, everything was blurry. I tried and tried, and over and over.


 Then everything went black.


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