More Than This (Complete)

Every Girl Needs A Dress She Feels Pretty In.. A Song That Makes Her Cry.. A Place You Can Call Home.. A Dream She Believes In.. A Guy She Can Love


6. Yes..Yes I WIll


Zayn's POV.

"Today we seen Perrie crying running out of the hotel the one One Direction are staying in, did Zayn Malik broke up with Perrie or did Perrie broke up with him. This is Channel Ten signing off, Have a great day." I switched the television off, running my fingers through my hair. "Zayn I'm sorry, I didn't mean to." Skylar said quietly, but loud enough for me to hear what she said. "Oh, Skylar is wasn't your fault," I walked over to her and give her a hug and kissed her forehead lightly. "I love you Zayn." Skylar mumbled. I smiled and lifted her head and said, "I love you too Sky.."

Skylar's POV.

"I love you Zayn." I mumbled trying to not let him hear me, but he heard me. He lifted my head and smiled, then he said, "I love you too Sky.." I pull him down by the neck and kiss him softly, he then kissed the tip of my nose. "Skylar.. when I first met you I wa-." the rest of the boys came in yelling TRUTH OR DARE TIME. Goody.


"Truth or Dare Skylar?" Louis asked me. I thought about it for a second. Me being the scary cat I chose Truth. "Party Pooper, Who do you fancy out of all of us?" Louis asked again. Really I fancy Zayn but its hard choosing these boys are so sexy, I thought to my self. "Zayn." I stated. Everyone ooed and made kisses noises. I mean come on you making me blush. "Zayn do you like Skylar?" Harry asked Zayn. "Yes..Yes I do." Zayn winked at me. Blushing super hard now.

"PIZZA TIME!" Niall yelled running in the kitchen with three others running right behind him. "Skylar, I been keeping this balled up so here goes nothing, Will you go on a date with me, this Saturday?" I stood there shock. I nodded with a smile on my face. "Yes.. Yes I will."


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