More Than This (Complete)

Every Girl Needs A Dress She Feels Pretty In.. A Song That Makes Her Cry.. A Place You Can Call Home.. A Dream She Believes In.. A Guy She Can Love


15. Where is Eleanor??!!!

Skylar POV.

 The boys couldn't stay for a long time, well you know the usually; go to interviews, concerts, signing and more. I understand, they have to spend time with fans too, but I miss spending time with Zayn. "Sky, I can't believe you actually live One Direction!" Kayla squealed.

"Well get use to it babe, you are going to see them more then you expected." I said winking at her, unpacking her clothes that was untouched.

"Oh really," she said. "I think I rather see a rabbit arse then see them." she joked.

"Aha! I think we have a feisty one." I joked along, with my hands on my hips.

"I'm hungry, I really have a taste for?!" she said jumping up from my bed.

"CHIPS AND DIP!" I yelled jumping up with her.

"Heck yeah, OFF TO THE KITCHEN!"

 I opened the door, to my suprise Eleanor was standing there, tears forming in her hazel eyes. My eyes widden and mouth dropping. Eleanor had freshly purple bruises on her arms and a brusie eye, my question was, who did this to her?

"Eleanor, what happened?" I asked dragging her in my room with a very confused Kayla hot on my heels.

"I-I.." She started, tears threatening to spill out of her pretty hazel eyes. "I don't know what happen Skylar."

"We need to take you to he hositipal.. just in case." I picked her up, wrapped her arm around my neck and the other wrapped around Kayla's neck.

 After we got out of the house, I putted Eleanor in the backseat and grabbed her keys from her front pocket. "Who is she?" Kayla asked hopping in the passager seat.

"A friend." I said starting the engine.

"Oh." She said plainly.

"Oh my freaking gosh, don't tell me your jealous?" I said driving out into the street.

"I never said I was."

"Not now Kay."

 Good thing the hositipal wasn't far, just a few blocks away. I rushed out of the car opening the back door with Kayla helping me get Eleanor out. She was rushed into the hositipal room, after they took her into her room, I called Louis. After the third beep he picked up.

"Hello?" He answered.

"Omg Louis you have to come to the hositipal..its Eleanor." I said waiting for his responsed. But it was nothing but a beep.

I looked at Kayla who was concerned tapping her foot, waiting for me to explain.

"Please can it wait?" I begged.

"Sure.." She said taking a seat opening up her twitter page on her phone. I took a seat next to her but got right back on my feet hearing Louis yell.

"Where is Eleanor??!!"



*A/N I want to thank my co-author, she did a heck of a job with the other chapter and I'm sorry that I didn't update more often but you see I have a lot of family vancations coming up so I will try to update another chapter SOON!!!!! and promise you keep on loving them 1D boys!!*

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