More Than This (Complete)

Every Girl Needs A Dress She Feels Pretty In.. A Song That Makes Her Cry.. A Place You Can Call Home.. A Dream She Believes In.. A Guy She Can Love


13. Well this is awkward.

Eleanor POV.


 What the heck did Skylar do? that's the question. It sucks just to be there watching her being beaten. Skylar seems sweet and humble, she currently don't need girls like that to freaking ruin her. She has scars up and down her arms, eventually they have to go away, but they had scared her body and her trust...her EVERYTHING.

 I should ask Perrie why she did it but would it do any good? I never seen that side of Perrie, it was just disgusting. That cause excruciating pain just thinking about it. I finally decided to text Perrie to come over and talk.. i guess.

<To: Perrie - Can you come over to talk for a bit?>

I sent the text, grabbed my laptop. I opened up my twitter account, I scrolled down through a few of tweets. It was pretty boring, right as my phone went off.

<From Perrie - Yeah! be there around 5ish minutes.>

 I groaned looking at the clock. 4:59.

<To Perrie: OK, see ya!>

 I put my phone down, and locked my eyes back on my laptop screen. Nothing seems interesting on twitter, but one tweet caught my attention right away. People Magazine tweeted a link to their website saying that Zayn breaks up with Little Mix pop-star Perrie Edwards. I clicked on the link, waited for it to load.

The articled was titled "Zayn and Perrie breaks up?". Okay this has to be the reason why Perrie was so upset with Skylar. I heard the doorbell ring, I stood up tucking my hair behind my ear walking towards the door, opening the door.

"Hey girl!" Perrie said loudly hugging me tightly, I didn't hug back. "Hi." I said plainly. I walked into the living-room, sitting down with Perrie settling down next to me. I shifted over feeling to uncomfortable around her. "Perrie why did you do it?" I asked looking at her.

"Do what."

"Don't play games with me Perrie!!!" I said loudly standing up tugging on my hair, turning towards her.

"Oh.. when I beat that girl arse," she said. "What's her name again?" Perrie said with one of her fingers tapping on her lip. "You almost killed the girl, she has three fraction ribs and she was in a coma.. everything is broking you sick bastard and if it wasn't for the doctor to help her, she would be dead! YOU MADE HER LIFE A LIVING HELL!!!!!!!!!" I yelled grabbing Perrie by the hair pushing her against the wall. I kneed her in the stomach and punched her, slapping, pulling hair. Anything that came to mind, I did it.

"Hey Eleanor-" I turned around seeing Louis shocked. "Eleanor what the-" Louis said rushing over to me, holding me tightly while making soothing circles in my back. "I'm a monster." I said my voice cracking up.

"No you're not, she's the monster..." Louis said.

"Look Louis," I said pointing at Perrie as she groaned in agonizing pain. "I'm sick just like her!" I got up from Louis tight grip, running into my room. Sliding up the covers. "I DON'T NEED YOUR HELP OR YOUR STUPID GIRLFRIEND!!" Perrie yelled at Louis. I chuckled, "What a monster."

Zayn POV.

"Hey mates." I said getting ready for our concert. I was still gloomy about the Perrie and Skylar thing, Skylar been doing good but she been better. "Zayn you ready?" Liam asked patting my back, I nodded. As I looked at each of my mates the count down started.

10..9..8..7..6..5..4..3..2.1. We ran onto the stage, fans yelling and crying, calling our names. We sung "Over Again" which is Skylar's favorite 1D song. After 15 songs, we answered twitter questions and did cover songs like 'Lego House' by Ed Sheeran and other covers. 

Skylar POV.

I was home watching the boys singing their hearts out like their lives depend on it. After the concert was over, I text Zayn.

<To Zayn: Hey, just saw you guys perform live on T.V very interesting hehe!> 

 After I sent the message, I went into the kitchen and my phone went off playing 'Radioactive' by Imagine Dragons. I ran back into the livingroom picking up my phone. It was Kayla, I answer it ..getting over excited.

"KAYLAAA!!!!!" I yelled into the phone.

"SKYLAAARRRR!!!!" She yelled back laughing.

"Whats up sweetcheeks?" I said walking back into the kitchen, holding my phone between my shoulder and head. I start making some toast and waited, after the toast was done, I spread some nutella while biting into it.

"Oh nothing, just WALKING AROUND NEW YORKKK!!!" Kayla yelled.

"No way! where are you?" I asked.

"Open the door then you will see." she said with that she hang up.

 I shot up running towards the door preparing myself for the world greatest friend. KAYLA. I opened the door seeing my beautiful brunette friend who has pretty green eyes just like Harry's.

"KAYLAAA!!!!!" I said loudly felling to the ground wrapping my arms around her leg.

"SKYLAAARRRR!!!!" She said hugging my head. Well this is awkward.




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