More Than This (Complete)

Every Girl Needs A Dress She Feels Pretty In.. A Song That Makes Her Cry.. A Place You Can Call Home.. A Dream She Believes In.. A Guy She Can Love


14. The Meeting



Skylar's Pov.

 After Kayla and I got out of our awkward hug, we went into my room.

''when did you get here, how did you get here, how long can you stay here?" I asked climbing up the stairs, stumbling on my own foot.

''I got here earlier today, I got here by plane stupid, I can stay for at least 3 weeks!'' she said answering all my questions, laughing at my clumsy actions.

''where are you staying at kay?''

''well sky I was going to stay at a-''

"AT MY HOUSE CAUSE YOUR LIKE FAMILY!'' I sang to her while she tried to regain her hearing.

"OKEY DOKEY!!!!!!" she sang back laughing her arse off.

 We walked back down stairs to get her luggage to find my five men grabing her luggage from the steps.

"Skylar who's bags are these?" asked a very confused Irish.

"Well Niall my boy, those belong to my best friend Kayla!"

 Everyone said out there courses of Hi's and Hey's to Kay, so in return she introduced herself to them" Hey everybody I'm Kayla but you can call me Kay. I'm staying here for 3 weeks under orders of the one the only Sky!" she bowed towards me while I laughed like an idiot trying to get her to stop bowing.

"So we have another roomy awesome!" yelled Louis while hugging Kay. 

 She laughed her head off when harry joined in, then all of them jumped up and down killing my Kay. Liam, Zayn, Niall laughed there heads off watching this go on and me yelling at them to let her go or they'll kill her by not giving her air. "She's perfectly fine in superman's arms!" Louis yelled at me. "Yea we arn't going to break her.... I hope." as soon as harry said I hope I jumped on him then ran after Louis who scooped Kay over his shoulder yelling, "Superman will protect you." Then there's me running behind him yelling, "Not if Skylar kicks big arse first for taking her Kayla!!!"




*That's all I got so far but don't hate I know its horriable but its my first one so yea! oh and don't remind me how bad I spell. just bar throw the chapters I write until XxDirectionersForeverxX writes a better one so like, comment, Fav!!!!!!!! 

thank you, co-author

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