More Than This (Complete)

Every Girl Needs A Dress She Feels Pretty In.. A Song That Makes Her Cry.. A Place You Can Call Home.. A Dream She Believes In.. A Guy She Can Love


3. Leaving ♡


Skylar's POV.

"Skylar, we are leaving in 15 minutes, so hurry." I glanced around my room and I gently picked up one of my favorite photo with all my best friends, "I'm coming, Dad!" I yelled. Careful placing the picture in my huge suitcase. I walked down the stairs, struggling with the suitcase. "Skylar come on, we don't want the boys waiting." My dad said. "We don't want the boys waiting." I mumbled to myself.


Zayn's POV.


I wish Perrie could've came, but then again I don't, because I sort of fancy Skylar, her icy ocean blue looking at my light brown eyes, the way she plays with her hair whens she's shy, also those cute freckles on the tip of her nose. No, I can't fancy her.,I love Perrie. We will find out sooner or later, who knows she might be my lady.

"Hello, hey Perrie..." Why is Perrie making this so hard! I love Perrie, but, I fancy Skylar more, I thought to myself. I glanced at Skylar for a while, I guess she felt my gaze on her, because, she looked directly at me. *Blushing*. while playing with her beautiful blonde hair.


Skylar's POV.


I glanced up at Zayn's beautiful light brown eyes for about 5 seconds, before I looked down, blushing while playing with my hair slightly tugging on it. I felt awkward being in a silence car.. well the boys call it the 1D mobile. I'm surprise Louis made it so far without saying Superman every 4 seconds. "SUPERMAANN!! Louis yelled piercing my ears and probably everyone's. I knew he wouldn't go out the afternoon without saying that word.

"Dad, can we stop for 10 seconds.. I have to go.. erm.. potty." I chuckled at that word. Potty. "Yeah, sure and we could get snacks too, how about that kids?" Harry slightly giggled in that sexy husky giggle and said, "Uncle Simon, we are not kids, Louis is, but not the rest." Harry looked over at me and winked, making me more and more shy then I'm already am. "Skylar, are you okay, you been really quiet." Liam asked. I nodded with my hands between my legs. Liam what do you expect, We have five sexy boys in this car/1D mobile, What I suppose to do? Talk my head off? well yeah. Will I ever talk to the boys without being so freaking shy.. I really want to be antisocial, but I'm to freaking shy. I thought to myself. Maybe, this year won't be so bad.. I might even have a room with Zayn. Jealous Much?  

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