More Than This (Complete)

Every Girl Needs A Dress She Feels Pretty In.. A Song That Makes Her Cry.. A Place You Can Call Home.. A Dream She Believes In.. A Guy She Can Love


24. Last First Kiss (COMPLETED) D:

Skylar POV.

Unfortunate Liam will not tell me what this Stella was like, I’m a very curious person so I have to know. I practically begged him to let me know but once again I was denied. We also had a conversation about me having to man up and grow some balls to talk to Zayn, to be honest I was scared out of my life. If I ever talked to Zayn face to face I would basically be shitting bricks by now. I’ve been thinking about moving into my flat with Kayla, not letting anyone know where we are or anything information point blank. I lazily walked up the stairway towards Niall room, let’s just say he might be the only one who has enough sense. I gently knocked on the door after the third knock he open up with hot wings in his mouth, where the heck did he get hot wings from.

“Uh, Niall?” I snickered. Once again that boy is more in love with food probably more in love with it than Kayla.

“Hi, wanna come in?” He asked wiping the grease off his clothes and hands. I nodded slightly backing away from his filthy hands, I spotted Kayla sitting on the edge of his bed watching a horror movie. Another fact I am terrified of horror movies.

“Kayla!” I squealed practically jumping on her while kissing her cheek a friendly kiss on the cheek. I jumped right back up landing on my butt when another squealed came upon my ears which weren’t me but the TV.

“Man up.” Kayla laughed helping me up. I rubbed my now sore butt and sat down, you already know the through the whole movie I was squealing, jumping everywhere and Niall plus Kayla just laughed.

“Is it over?” I questioned.


I opened my eyes and sighed, the real reason why I was in here was to talk about you already know so I don’t have to say it a million a zillion times. “Uh… um… Can we talk?” They nodded crossing their legs like kids would when Its story time.

“OK, I was thinking about moving into my own flat but before I do should I have a conversation with Zayn?” I bite down on my lip and looked up to see two pair of shocked eyes staring deep into me.

“You’re not moving along, you know that right?” she awkwardly smiled. I smiled back and glanced at Niall who was still in his zone maybe progressing what I had just said.

“And you should talk to Zayn while Niall is zoned out.” I nodded got up but before I did I grabbed a hot wing. I was about to take a bite out of it before Niall smacked it out of my hand and biting into it.

“Hey!” I said.


Zayn POV.

I sat down on the love seat surfing channels. I switched it off running my fingers through my messy hair, I closed my eyes but was shaking right back up by Skylar. I was shocked that she was standing in front of me and that was not the only thing that I was shocked of it was the bags.

“H-Hey.” She stuttered, you could tell she was nervous by the looks of it she has been shaken up. I’m not going to act like a douchebag and I am gonna tell you that I miss having her in my arms at night, just snuggling up to her. She was the one who stole my heart, the one who knew how to make me laugh, the one who knew how to make me calm just by whispering sweet nothings into my ear. She showed me a lot of affection and I messed it all up by hitting her, which was not in my control and till this day I wish I haven’t.

“Hey, listen Skylar-“ I was interrupted by Skylar placing two of her fingers on my lip before I could say anything more.

“As you could see I’m moving,” She started. “You know I love you and I also know you had no intended to hurt me, so I’m moving away with Kayla and no one here can stop me from doing what I am doing.” I stood there speechless my lip were purse. There was nothing I could do was to just watch her disappear out of my reach. With that she placed her lip onto mines and I could still feel the sparkles just like the first time.

“Goodbye Zayn.”

I realized that she was the only one I wanted and that was my last first kiss…


                                                               THE END

A/N Heyyyy! This is the last chapter, I’m actually sad that this is going to the last which sucks. I want to thank you guys for the support and you are the reason that I finished it so I want to say THANK YOU! Should there be a SEQUEL, I don’t know.

If you guys want a sequel than I want you to comment ICE CREAM ! like you did last time bc I love Ice Cream. FAN ME AND MY CO-AUTHOR Chola,charm she is AWESOME  and reallyyyyyyyyy sweet. Once again I want to thank you babes for the support.



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