More Than This (Complete)

Every Girl Needs A Dress She Feels Pretty In.. A Song That Makes Her Cry.. A Place You Can Call Home.. A Dream She Believes In.. A Guy She Can Love


8. Just In Time


Zayn's POV.


"Dammit.. guys we have to leave, Simon just sent me a message saying we are moving somewhere.. i don't where yet, but we have to go."  I said scratching the back of my neck. "We didn't even stay in here for 5 minutes," Louis said wailing. "Don't be mad, be glad." Niall whispered into Louis ear. As you guys know Louis, you know he snapped back. Sassy-like. We all piled into the 1D mobile, after we got done seeing Lou and Niall smacking each other in the head. Harry and Liam laughing. With me trying to stop them, very mature Liam.


Skylar's POV.


"Dado, where we heading?" I asked dragging along with him. Ring.. Ring. I groggily grabbed my I phone out of my back pocket. Oh that was unexpected. I got a phone call from my mum, surprisingly. "Hello? Hi mom.." I said poking at my phone for dad to see, that I'm talking to mom. Tell her I said Hi, my dad mouthed. I nodded. "Mum..ugh.. Alright Alright.. I will not eat any more brownies for a day. OK a week an a half.. maybe." I said smiling widely. I said goodbye to my mum, then hang up with a sigh.. That woman talk to much.

"Did the boys get back yet?" I shook my head no. "They should be here in 5 minutes," I heard a car jolted to a stop. I walked over to the window. "Just in time." I smiled. "Come on Skylar we have to go." I walked over to the door exhaustively, why did I ever agreed to go on tour. I thought we would be relaxing. I thought wrong, but The boys have a week to relax, then back to business. 


Liam's POV.


"OK, listen up mates, we have to get pack and meet Simon at 40 E 94th Street,"  I said walking into Niall and I hotel room. "Liam, can I have you peanuts?" Niall asked. "Didn't you already eat some?" I asked looking up at him. He nodded. "Then you can't have none." I said.

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