More Than This (Complete)

Every Girl Needs A Dress She Feels Pretty In.. A Song That Makes Her Cry.. A Place You Can Call Home.. A Dream She Believes In.. A Guy She Can Love


2. Important?

Zayn.. Zayn.. Zayn, that's all I had been thinking about, Why do he has to be so attractive? This is probably the point where you think I'm obsess, but really I'm not. Trust Me. "Skylar, come down here we have some business we have to discuss." I sat up lazily, looking around my pale purple room with dark purple cheetah paws on the walls. I had no attempt to get up from the bed, but I had to get up since my dad said important. "Skylar, if your still sitting on that bed.. I will take away your I phone," I got up speed running down the stairs.. running past my dad who was in the kitchen. "I knew you were in the kitchen, I  just wanted to.. erm.. you know," I mumbled embarrassed. "What do we have to talk about dado." I asked opening the fridge, pouring some apple juice in my favorite marble glass. I took a sip of apple juice, looking at my phone. "Skylar put away the phone and listen." "Don't pee in your pants.. geez." I snapped back feeling awesome as always. "Anyways, I have to go on a trip with the boys for a 5 months or a year." I spitted my apple juice all over his face. "Sorry, but WHAT?!" I yelled. "Skylar, your going with me." Is he serious? I'm.. Skylar freaking Cowell going on Tour with Zayn.. I mean the boys. I said that, don't judge me. Why am I talking to myself. There I go again. "Give me a moment will ya?" I ran outside, screaming my head off. What is wrong with me? I'm mature, I'm mature. No you're not. Yes I am. No your not. Shut Up. I skipped in the house like a boss. "Get ready dad, we need to pack, so we could go see Zayn.. I mean the boys..pff why would you think I said Zayn, WHY ARE YOU LOOKING AT ME FOR I DID NOTHING WRONG." I yelled sassy-like while running off to my room to pack. "Girls."

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