More Than This (Complete)

Every Girl Needs A Dress She Feels Pretty In.. A Song That Makes Her Cry.. A Place You Can Call Home.. A Dream She Believes In.. A Guy She Can Love


5. I Know The Feeling.


Skylar's POV.


 "Everyone, we just made it to the hotel." My dad said, "Harry and Louis you have rooms together, Niall and Liam, and Skylar with Zayn." That was it, before he excused himself and left us. I slowly picked up my suitcase and walked to the elevator with Zayn behind me. "So, you've been quiet lately, you are to cute to be quiet." Zayn stated flirtatiously with a smirk on his olive skin face. "Don't call me cute," I said half heart.


 I flung out of the elevator as soon as the elevator door opened, I ran in the bathroom balling my eyes out. I sat on the toilet seat, my fingers hovering on the call button. I called my best friend Kayla talking about me liking Zayn and his girlfriend Perrie.. I think, We said our goodbyes, as I opened the restroom door I wiped away my leftover tears. "Sky, what did I do?" Zayn asked quietly. You have a girlfriend that's why. "Sorry, I just..." I shook my head not wanting to tell him. I sat down beside him and looked into his eyes. He leaned forward towards me, as I did the same. Our lips touched and they were moving in sync and it felt like the forth of July; sparks flying everywhere, heart pounding loudly, lips hungry for more. "Zayn I finally made i-."

Perrie's POV. 

 "Zayn I finally made i-." I stopped in my tracks, as I saw some girl kissing Zayn. My Boyfriend. Zayn lifted his head, and he saw me with tears streaming down my face; tears streaming, makeup ruined, eyes blurry, probably bloodshot red. I ran as fast as I could, tripping over my own foot. I felt a firm grip on my arm, He turned me around facing him. I couldn't take this anymore, I slapped him full force to the face. I backed away staring at him, I turned around running to the elevator leaving him shock.

Skylar's POV.

"Way to go Skylar," I mumbled quietly to myself. I did a lot of mumbling today, it really worn me down. I sat up slowing, I opened up my favorite purple pj's. I walked into the bathroom, I turned on the shower; I stripped down as I hopped in the warm warm; washing my hair with apple scented shampoo and I washed every dirty fiber off my body. After 25 minutes later, I jumped out with my towel tightly wrapped around my body. I jumped onto my queen sizes bed and turned on my side towards Zayn. "Zayn, I'm super doper sorry, I really don't know how to control myself around you." I said sincerely. "I know the feeling," Zayn said closing his eyes. 

What Does That Mean?  


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