More Than This (Complete)

Every Girl Needs A Dress She Feels Pretty In.. A Song That Makes Her Cry.. A Place You Can Call Home.. A Dream She Believes In.. A Guy She Can Love


4. I Give Up

Harry's POV.


12:30 a.m., Skylar is laying her head on Zayn's shoulder, they are so cute. I think Skylar and Zayn make a cute couple. I wondered what would Perrie say? Hmm. Louis and Liam are chattering away, leaving me out. Poo. Niall is talking in his sleep about Nandos. I tell you that boy loves his food.


Skylar's POV.


My eyes shot open, as I felt a cool breeze on my neck. I looked up to see Zayn's beautiful brown eyes staring down at me, then he said,"Morning Beautiful." I smiled. "Morning." I said biting my bottom lip. Was I laying on Zayn's shoulder, OMG.. this is probably what fan-girling feels like; you get a fire sensation in your tummy when you see these guys, you just want to suck on their faces or probably just want to kidnap them. Maybe I went to far, did I? Yep. "ZAYN! WHY ARE YOU SO DROP DEAD GORGEOUS!!" I yelled in my head, well I thought I did because everyone was snickering and making kisses faces at Zayn. I turned my head towards Zayn.. I saw him blush. Smiling Ear to Ear. Did I just ruined my opportunity with Zayn? Yep, Skylar you just did. I thought to myself.  


"Hello everyone, welcome to Let's Talk America, Today we are having One Direction, why don't you handsome boys come out." The crowd cheered, girls fan-girling and crying. "Hi!" The boys said together. Awe its so cute when they talk at the same time. "We are going to start the day off with some questions, How about that?" The reporter asked. "Yeah, I think we down for some  questions." Liam said while looking at the boys, as they nodded their heads. "OK, let's start from Zayn, OK Zayn do you have a crush on someone other then Perrie?" The reported asked once again. "SK-!" Louis yelled before Zayn put his huge hands over his mouth. "No, I love Perrie too much to break her heart." Zayn stated. That's it I give up, Zayn's in love. Zayn obviously don't fancy me. He probably hates me now for being an stupid idiot. I GIVE UP.

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