More Than This (Complete)

Every Girl Needs A Dress She Feels Pretty In.. A Song That Makes Her Cry.. A Place You Can Call Home.. A Dream She Believes In.. A Guy She Can Love


17. Friendship..

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Skylar POV.


“Sky we have to tell Zayn about this.” She said pointing at my red sore arm. I shook my head no, not wanting to make this situation worse then it already is. “Kay, you know I can’t do that.” I decided to walk to the house instead, because the doctors said she will be fine to leave if she wants, so I just suggested I’ll leave her car there.

“But look at her freaking arm, Skylar.” I knew she wasn’t happy, she never says my entire name only when she’s mad. I gave a her a half-heartedly smile just to notify that I will be okay, but she wasn’t convinced.

“Don’t worry.”

Its probably been 20 minutes before we arrived to the house, we were greeted by the boys. I tried my best not to show them the red skin on my arm then I would have to tell who did it, why they do it, when did they do it. And I certainly didn’t want to bring that little Incident , for some sort of reason I didn’t want to be around Louis either, I would just ignore him.

“Hello Beautiful.” Zayn said wrapping his arms around my waist, kissing me behind my ear.  I turned around to plant a small kiss, but it turned into something more.

Zayn POV.


She planted a small kiss on the corner of my lips and then she pulled away. I wanted more, her hands was on my chest, and with trembling hands, she was trying to unbutton my shirt and she did it well. I completely lose control, I pushed the door open with my back cause my hands were to busy taking her shirt off. When we got inside my room, the smell of her perfume made it smell somewhat of cotton-candy which turned me on even more. I slammed the door closed with my bare foot, I lifted her up and I gently placed her on the soft mattress. She pulled off my shirt, that was open on top of her. I moved my hands up her legs, and pulled off her shirt to see her arm red and sorely.

“Skylar, who did that to you?” I asked climbing off of her, still breathless from the recent incident.

“ one..” she mumbled. I knew she was lying, I stood up buttoning my shirt back up, running my fingers through my hair.

“I asked you who did it, Skylar!” I yelled lifting her up on her feet, looking at her questioningly.  She looked worried about something like if she told it would ruin something,  only thing it would ruin is that person face.

“L-Louis..” she stuttered, I bended down on my knees and scanning her sorely arm, kissing her arm gently. She whimpered and winced as she moved her arm, rubbing it. I got up storming out of my room leaving Skylar in there. I stomped into every room and made my way down the stairs.

“Anyone know where Louis is?” they shook their no and the doorknob turned. Notifying me that Louis must have been out, he walked in waved at me. I walked up to him, shoving him into the door.

“What the hell did you do to Skylar?!” I yelled.

“I don’t know, all my anger came out for god’s sake, Zayn its in the past.” He said pushing past me into the livingroom with the rest of the lads. I rushed into there, turning him around facing me.

“You fucking bruised her arm!!” I yelled with three confused lads staring at our little outburst. I kept on shoving his chest as he reached his limited.

“I don’t freaking care! I just kept Eleanor cheating on me with my friend, so fuck off cause I don’t need anymore of your bullshit.” He said going up the stairs. I flicked him off not really caring about him and Eleanor at this point.


“Not now, Harry.” Liam said.

“What’s going on mate?” Niall asked me, switching off the TV.

“Nothing is going on..” I said walking out the house.

Skylar POV.


“I knew he would find out.” Kayla chanted on. I pulled my shirt over my head, putting my hair in a messy bun not wanting to hear her chatting on about being right and blah blah blah.

“I know.. I know.” I said sitting on his bed. I bite on my bottom lip, slightly nibbling on it.

“So what you going to do?” She asked

At that point I didn’t know what to do, I just broke Louis and Zayn friendship, I certainly don’t want to ruin the rest of the lads friendship. Only one thing came to mind and that was to move out into your own flat, I wish that was easy to do but it wasn’t. I would have to leave Zayn and I don’t plan on do that, but only time will tell, so I have to live life to the fullest and try hard to get Zayn and Louis back together.

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