More Than This (Complete)

Every Girl Needs A Dress She Feels Pretty In.. A Song That Makes Her Cry.. A Place You Can Call Home.. A Dream She Believes In.. A Guy She Can Love


22. Author's Note.

Hey guys, so OKAY. I'm really clueless right now so I need help with the other chapter that I'm going to be publishing or my co-author might do it I'm not for sure at the moment but could you lovelies just give me advice or something for the next chapter it would mean a lot. Also.. I don't know when I'm going to publish it I might put it on Hold until I come up with something and I will talk to my co-author/best friend xD about it too. Thank you so much for the support and likes, favourites and everything. Ugh..enough talking so I won't bore you guys to death so I am going to hit the hay sack (I seriously don't know why I just said that) but anyways you can email me at: ,BYE BYE BABYYYY!!


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