This is Me

Reyna believes she is different. Nobody is the same as her when all her friends are the same. Her parents are different from others, her family is different than others, and she is different from others. But is she really different than others?

++Divergent Fan Fiction++


1. Prologue

So, where do I begin? Oh yeah! My name is Reyna and I’m dauntless born and I’m think, scratch that, I know I’m different. All my friends are about being brave and fearless, don’t get me wrong I love this life, but I see everything differently than them though. Whenever they make a decision it’s fast and stupid. The way I deal with things I think them out.

            Let me tell you about my family. Normally families have 1-2 children, but my family has had three. I’m the second one. With a big sister who chose Amity when she was six-teen, traitor, and a little brother who is only four-teen I’ve always had a hard life and got stuck with all the chores, lately though my parents have been lighting up my load with chores until I had none.

            My mom was Amity born and transferred to Dauntless. She said she liked taking chances too much. Understandable. My dad was a Candor born and transferred to Dauntless, he, like my mom, said he liked taking risks and being brave. He has always showed some Candor though. He always taught us to be truthful behind my mother’s back. My mother always tried to keep us out of trouble, peacefulness, behind dad’s back. My siblings and I had to keep this a secret from everyone since of course you’re not supposed to think like that when you’re in the Dauntless faction.

            Tomorrow is my Aptitude test. I would say I am nervous but, really, I’m not. I know where I’m going to end up, Dauntless. I would stay here no matter what. I know whenever I get old I will have to be factionless, but I belong here, I think.


++ A/N++

 Well my One direction fan fiction was a disaster so I took all of it's chapters down. I need favourites and Likes to post the "Official" first chapter on this. I think I have something good. So comment, like, and Favourite for more. -Reyna

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