Daddy's Little Girl.

Tyler is just like an 17 year old girl, except for one thing a year ago she found out Simon Cowell is her bilogical father, and has asked her to move in with him.
Will she cope with the change from moving from Sydney, Australia to all the way to London? keep reading to find out. :-)


21. The text from Eleanor.

Tyler's point of view:

I woke up about 10:30, I checked my phone as I usually do.

But today I got a text from a number I didn't recognize.

It was the text number that had the effect to ruin everything for me.


Listen here slut! Louis is mine, so I suggest you back off before you make a very big mistake. Do you really think Louis would leave me for you?

Ha Ha Look at you. Im Eleanor Calder the model and you're the girl who only showed up a month ago. Why do you think your father left you for all them years? you're nothing! and you'll never be anything. You might as well just kill yourself.


I didn't know what to do.

I just cried and cried. How could a person possibly be that cruel?

I texted the person I needed to talk to. Lexi.

"Hey. Are you able to talk?"

"Sure babe, whats up?" she said.

"I just got a message from Louis' ex girlfriend. Its horrible. yet so true."

I copy and pasted it to her.

Lexi: What the fucking fuck? I'm booking the next flight. No way am I letting you go through this alone. That's fucked!


This is why that girl means so much to me, I couldn't even describe it.

I had to confront Louis about it.

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