Daddy's Little Girl.

Tyler is just like an 17 year old girl, except for one thing a year ago she found out Simon Cowell is her bilogical father, and has asked her to move in with him.
Will she cope with the change from moving from Sydney, Australia to all the way to London? keep reading to find out. :-)


17. The boys

Hey guys Im finally gonna write a chapter.

Im sorry, I just haven't known what to write about & if you could please ask me stuff on

You don't have to be a member or sign up to ask :) thankyou.


Tylers point of view:

Me and Louis have been dating for nearly a month. Its amazing.

My dad doesn't seem to care and says he'd rather me with Louis than any of the others. He said directly he was praying that Harry wouldn't womanise me.

I could never be attracted to Harry that way.

I mean he is a attractive boy but I just didn't see him like that. He was more like a brother figure.

I loved Liam Harry Zayn & Niall.

They were all unique in their own way and I adored that.

Zayn came across as rude and vain, but really hes the most down to earth person Ive ever came across.

Niall was very protective over food. The media went on about Louis who liked carotts, but really Niall loves them.

And Liam was just Liam. He was the one you could call at 3 oclock in the morning and he would.

Danielle was like a sister to me, her and Liam are the perfect couple.

I really hope they get married one day, I think I would cry if they separated.

Perrie on the other hand I didn't like her at all.

I would rather Zayn be with someone else.

She let all the fame go to her head.

But that was Zayns life.





I am not a Zerrie hater btw, I love Perrie and little mix

but I have decided that its going to be anti zerrie story, cause theres gonna be a new girl coming in. Mmm.



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