Daddy's Little Girl.

Tyler is just like an 17 year old girl, except for one thing a year ago she found out Simon Cowell is her bilogical father, and has asked her to move in with him.
Will she cope with the change from moving from Sydney, Australia to all the way to London? keep reading to find out. :-)


20. Lexi.

Lexi's point of view

I haven't seen my bestfriend Tyler since she left Australia.

I miss her like crazy, so me and her boyfriend Louis have decided to surprise her with a visit from me.

Her boyfriend Louis sounds really nice, Ive never met him before because they only recently got together.

Tyler was like my sister. We have known eachother since we were 10 years old.

Im a year older than her, even though shes the more mature one.

She was always the one who went for sensible boys when I went for bad boys.

It was just something about them, they made me weak.


Tyler's point of view:

Me and Louis were chilling at home, cuddling in bed and watching The Last Song.

I loved this movie. It reminded me of mine and Lou's relationship.

I didn't really know when to ask him about Eleanor, or even if I was going to ask him about it.

But it was bothering me.



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