Daddy's Little Girl.

Tyler is just like an 17 year old girl, except for one thing a year ago she found out Simon Cowell is her bilogical father, and has asked her to move in with him.
Will she cope with the change from moving from Sydney, Australia to all the way to London? keep reading to find out. :-)


13. best day of my life.

Louis's point of view:

Today was the day, today was the day i was going to make Tyler my girlfriend.

I knew it.

We had organsed for her to come over, i just hope the boys werent around.

Not that I was sick of the boys, I just wanted some space today with Tyler..


2 hours later*

Here I go..

"Tyler there was i reason i brang you here.. will you do the pleasure of being my girlfriend?"

"Yes Lou!! :D" she said.

Tyler was my girlfriend.. This was by far the best day of my life.


Eleanor's point of view:

I was watching the news when suddenly there was a photo of my ex Louis Tomlinson with another girl.. why was he with this girl? we've only been broken up for 2 months after he found me sleeping with Ed. I was going to win him back, Louis is mine & only ever will be mine.

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