Remember Your Promise -Complete-

“Remember when you left without saying goodbye?” he asked.
“Yes” I replied sadly, remembering it like it was yesterday.
“Promise me you’ll never do it again.”
“I promise”

**KC and Aubrey are best friends and go to London to stay with KC's aunt and celebrate her 18th birthday. What happens when she runs in to an old friend? Does meeting him once again bring back her past sadness or clash with her happy future?**
First Movella...excited!


45. Wow


It’s Monday... Great. Two days left until Aubrey and I leave to California. Lou wanted to comfort us so she threw us a little get together. She invited the boys, along with Danielle and Eleanor. I invited Josie because it would be the last time I’d be seeing her as well. I haven’t spoken with Aubrey about her situation with Zayn. I don’t think she wants to talk about it. I guess the more she’d talk about it, the more it would become a reality to her. 

I don’t feel like dressing up. Everyone is coming around 8pm so I guess I’ll start getting ready, since it’s 7. I wear a white crop top with blue words that say FUN. I pull a pair of red shorts up my legs and loop my navy blue belt around my waist. The top shows A LOT of stomach so I throw on a dark blue cardigan. I didn’t know what shoes to wear. Just then I remembered the shoes my friend ‘Kevin’ and I made. They were white vans and we had drawn the union jack on them with sharpie. My hair was...alright. I had just gotten out of the shower and it was my natural curly hair. I ran some leave-in conditioner in my hair to keep it from frizzing. Cute and comfortable. Perfect.

I walk out of my room to go downstairs. I see Aubrey down there as well and she looks nice. She has her hair curled and put up into a pony tail. Her bangs are out for the first time this whole summer! She has dark denim shorts on with a black stud bandeau top. She also is wearing a cardigan but hers is white and she has her white sandals on. I walk up to her and pick at her cardigan, “Trying to cop my style” I tease. “It’s not ‘copping’ when you wear it better” she smiles. “Not funny” I say, trying to hold a serious face. I end up laughing anyway and she laughs with me. “Hold still” I say, fixing at her eyeliner. “There, looked like you were doing drunken makeup” I joke. “Jenna Marbles” she laughs, leaving into the kitchen. I stay in the living to straighten everything up. Moving furniture to the walls so we  have room to dance if we wanted to. “I’m gonna need some help girls” Lou call, walking into the door carrying bags of groceries. Aubrey and I help her with them and take them into the kitchen. She had some bags of Nandos and other snacks such as chips and dip. 

“Hey you guys!” I smiled, opening the door to see Louis and Liam, along with Eleanor and Danielle. I hugged them as they all walked in and Aubrey did the same shortly after. “Is that Boobear?!” Lou yells from the kitchen. “The one and only!” he shouts back, heading towards her in the other room. “Zayn and Harry went to get drinks” Danielle confirmed. “What about Niall?” Aubrey asks, taking the words right out of my mouth. “He’ll be here. He took a separate car” Eleanor told. Aubrey plugged her ipod into the speakers and started to play ‘Party Rock Anthem’ by LMFAO. Liam then went into the kitchen as well. The girls and I were jumping around when someone knocked on the door. “Josie!” I shouted as I went in for a hug. “I see the party has already started” she laughs, walking into the living room. “Party rockers in the house tonight!” we all shout. We dance around until the song ends and we’re all pretty tired. Just then, the doorbell rang. Danielle opened the door, “Just what we needed” she exclaimed, taking the bottles out of Zayn’s hands and leaving to the kitchen. I shake my head and walk up to them, “Hey guys” I greet, hugging Zayn first and then Harry. “You OK?” I whisper, still in our hug. “Getting better” he smiles, letting go. He’s right, his cheek isn’t swollen anymore but the bruise is still there. The way he said it, I don’t think he just meant his face. I was just about to close the door when Niall came to the door. “Hey” he said hugging me. “Hey” I spoke quietly. Him hugging me is only making it worse. We hold each other for a few more seconds before I break away, “Um, t-the boys are in the kitchen” I stammer. He nods before walking away but not before leaving a kiss to my cheek. He’s making this hard. 

We ate some and laughed A LOT. I’m really going to miss these people. I’m REALLY gonna miss Aunt Lou. She’s so energetic and a kid at heart, I wish I could stay here with her. 


We didn't stop and eat. It was more of a party if anything. Some stayed in the kitchen and chatted but most of us were in the living room. We weren't really 'dancing', we mostly did silly songs like 'Macarena' and 'Cupid Shuffle'. Everyone drank a little. Even I drank a tasty mix that Aubrey put together for me. Ruefully, I had one too many and I'm feeling a bit loaded. I can walk perfectly fine and I don't slur my words but I'm dancing a little too wildly for my liking. BUT I wasn't alone in that category, most of us were tipsy. I almost junked through the ceiling when 'We can't stop' by Miley Cyrus came blasting through the speakers. I freakin' love this song. Aubrey and I grabbed El and Dani and started dancing with them. Mostly grinding…yes, I know we're freak'os. "Cuz we can't stop! And we won't stop!" we sang along with the music. I was getting a but restless so I went to grab a beer or something. I'm not that big of a fan of beer but we don't soda…so. 

I was leaning against the counter drinking when the song stopped and I could only think Aubrey was choosing another one. "The mood is set.." I almost chocked on my sip when I hear 'Skin' by Rhianna start to play. No way! I knew she was going to do this. "OH KC!"Aubrey sang from the living room. I walked into there, completely forgetting my beer and saw Aubrey grinning like the Cheshire cat. "Not a chance" I told her before she got the chance to say anything else. "Oh, come one, I know you still remember." I sighed, of course I did, it wasn't too long ago. For our spring talent show at our school Aubrey and I set up this routine to 'Skin' by Rhianna (search the song if you want to understand the situation). It was VERY…erotic. I think that was the only reason we won 1st…students voted. I looked around the room and saw everyone sitting and watching us intently. I groaned and took my place next to her on the 'dance floor'. She took off her cardigan and gave me a look the said, 'go on!', and I did. I felt so exposed. She walked over and re-started it and took her place, back to back, with me. 

The mood is set,

So you already know what's next.

TV on blast,

Turn it down,

Turn it down.

Don't want it to clash,

With my body screaming now.

I know you hearin' it,

You got me moaning now.

I got a secret that I wanna show you, oh.

I got a secrets imma drop em to the floor, oh.

We rub our hands down our own bodies as we sway our hips. We're back to back (butt to butt) so we know we're moving at the same tempo. We both keep our eyes closed…well I do, I'm pretty sure Aubrey is doing the same because this is…awkward. Dancing like this in front of her boyfriend and my ex. 

We turn around to face each other and that's when I open my eyes, she's just enjoying this. We move our hands back up our bodies and roll them into each others. We hold them in our hair as we continue to rock our hips. Aubrey takes out her ponytail and shook her head out so her curls would fall perfectly. "Nice…" I quietly smirk at her 'vulgar' touch.

The second chorus was starting to play. Yes! That meant the song was almost over but I dreaded this part…it was so cliche. 

No heels,

No shirt,

No skirt,

All I'm in is just skin.

No jeans,

Take em off,

Wanna feel your skin.

You a beast, oh.

You know that I like that.

Come on baby,

All I wanna see you in is just skin.

While the song played we lowered down to our middle split. Ugh! I dreaded this part. Aubrey and I took dance together as well in year ten so we both perfectly have all our splits. We lowered and were directly in front of each other, our stomachs were pressed together…that close. We held each others waist and our noses brushed as we sang the last lines of the song softly. 

"Wow…" I hear a voice say from the sofas…Zayn. They clapped as we got up from our positions and we playfully bowed. Harry, Niall, and Zayn looked completely uncomfortable, shifting around in their seats. Liam and Louis knew better ;) Aubrey went over to Zayn and straddled his lap and they began kissing…PDA

"Can we tell them now?!" Louis exclaimed. Tell us what? "Tell us what?" Aubrey took the words right out of my mouth…again. Zayn just smiled and nodded towards Harry. He stood up and motioned for Lou to do the same. "What's going on, Aunt Lou?" I asked. She put a finger up to her mouth and smiled. "Well…" Harry started. "We understood how you guys were only meant to stay for a month." I looked confused and so did Aubrey. Along with Liam and Niall, I guess they didn't inform them of the 'news'. Harry continued, "We rearranged your travel tickets so that you'd be able to stay longer. We want you guys to be our guests for this upcoming tour" he smiled. What? "I've already spoken with my sister and she said that it was alright, as long as I was there and, since I'm the stylist, I will be" Lou added. "Really?!" Aubrey exclaimed. Zayn nodded and she attacked his face with kisses. I grinned widely and ran to Harry and embraced him in a hug. "Thank you!" I said into his shoulder. He hugged me back and squeezed me tight. 

"That's it!" Zayn exclaimed. We all watched as he lifted Aubrey and took her upstairs to her room. "We'll be back…later." We all laughed at the thought of their activity to come. I didn't even have a chance to think when someone pulled me from Harry and pinned me to the wall. They desperately grabbed ahold of my bare waist and pressed their body against mine. Niall. I looked into his eyes in confusion and before I knew it, his lips were locked onto mine. I certainly didn't deny because this kiss is AMAZING. His tongue licked at my lips asking for entrance and I obliged. So soft yet firm. Desperate yet possessive. BUT there was no emotion, well…I din't feel anything. It felt good though. He moaned when I fisted his blonde locks. He abruptly stopped, to quick for my liking and smiled, looking into my eyes. I smiled back and enjoyed the noise of our heavy breathing being shared. My bliss was interrupted when someone cleared their throat. Lou. Ugh. "Sorry?" I annoyingly asked. I didn't mean to say it like that, I was just upset that Nialls lips left the comfort of my own. She shook her head and walked off to the kitchen. 

I turned my head back to Niall and wiped the lipgloss off his lips with my thumb. He playfully kissed the pad of it. "Your cheekiness got me in trouble, Mr. Horan" I smirked at him. "Don't pretend like you didn't enjoy it, Ms. Carrs." I giggled and pushed him away to walk to the couch. Everyone was eyeing us, which I wouldn't of minded if Harry didn't look so hurt. I looked back to Niall and he had a pleased expression on his face. 

What was he up to? And I hope he doesn't think we're back together. 

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You guys should check out the Movella that I'm co-authoring 'The Past **Niall Horan fanfic**' SERIOUSLY. 

ANYWAY, I hope you guys are enjoying the story so far BUT beware... drama in the future. ;)


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