Remember Your Promise -Complete-

“Remember when you left without saying goodbye?” he asked.
“Yes” I replied sadly, remembering it like it was yesterday.
“Promise me you’ll never do it again.”
“I promise”

**KC and Aubrey are best friends and go to London to stay with KC's aunt and celebrate her 18th birthday. What happens when she runs in to an old friend? Does meeting him once again bring back her past sadness or clash with her happy future?**
First Movella...excited!


11. Truth?

We all agreed that we’d play a game but we weren’t sure which game to play. We all sat in a circle on the floor. “How about we play Truth” Aubrey suggested. What was that? “What’s that?” Zayn asked, equally confused as I was. “It’s like truth or dare but instead we ask questions and the person receiving the question has to be 100% honest.” She answered. Lame. “It may sound lame” did she just read my mind? “But some really deep questions end up being asked.” She added. “Ok who goes first?” Louis asked “I will!” Karmen exclaimed. She looked around the room to see who she would ask the question first. “Mmm…Aubrey!” she said looking at Aubrey. Aubrey rolled her eyes. “So…do you like Zayn?” In that moment Aubrey froze and her face turned a bit red. Zayn also froze, waiting for an answer. Aubrey sighed as she leaned her back against the couch. “Yes” she replied quietly, but we all heard her. “I knew it!” Karmen exclaimed. Zayn’s cheeks turned red, I knew he felt the same way.

“Ok, now it’s my turn.” Aubrey said, confidently. “KC…” she started. Oh gosh. “Who gave you that promise ring on your necklace?” She asked teasingly. My face turned a little red, so did Karmen’s. “I’ve always asked but you’ve never answered, so now you have to. I need details.” She added. This is going to be interesting (note the sarcasm). “Harry did.” She choked out. Everyone else’s face lit up in shock. “Well not recently.” I added. “Yeah, when we were younger.” She said. “And what was the promise? Remember, I said details.” Aubrey said. Damn her for asking. “That…we’d always…love each other, no matter what.” KC replied, quietly. She looked at me, smiled, then back at Aubrey. “Is that what you wanted to hear?” she asks Aubrey with a bit of sass in her voice. “Um…sure” Aubrey answered, not sure if that was the answer she wanted to hear or not.


The game got awkward fast. But Louis saved the day “Alright, I guess this game is dead. How about we play a traditional one.” Louis squeaked. “Like what?” Harry asked, curiously. “Hide and Seek!” Louis answered like a little kid. I didn’t mind playing that game. It was a huge house and I wanted to feel like a kid again. “I don’t mind.” I say happily. Everyone else nodded in agreement. We decided that Harry was the ‘seeker’, so we all hid while he counted. When he started counting Niall pulled me by the wrist and tugged me upstairs, into his rooms’ walk-in closet. “It’s dark in here.” I whispered. He then switched the light on and smiled at me “Better?” he asked. I nodded. We could hear Harry walking around the house and finding people. Next thing I know I can hear Harry enter Niall’s room. Niall quickly turns off the closet light. “Is that Ha-…” I begin to say but Niall puts one of his hands over my mouth and the other around my waist, keeping me close. We are impossibly close. I hear a thump and wrap my arms around Niall’s neck, in terror. The heat from his body seems to melt with mine as we stand there holding each other. He removes his hand from over my mouth and placed it on the other side of my waist, locking his arms around me.

Niall’s POV:

As I hold her in my arms, I can feel her getting closer. I can still hear Harry, struggling to find us, but I try to ignore him and give my attention to KC. This is the perfect moment. Even in the dimmest light of the closet, I can still see her hazel eyes sparkle. She leans closer as our lips brush together, not yet fulfilling a kiss. Our lips were just about to meet “I’ve found you gu-…Oh” Harry said. Perfect (sarcasm). My almost first kiss with KC…ruined. Harry left running down the hall yelling “I’ve found them! I’ve found them!” KC and I walked out the closet and in to my room. She was about to leave in to the hallway before I pulled her by the wrist and pulled her back towards me. I held her by the waist as I pulled her closer; she smiled and wrapped her arms around my neck. “KC I wa-…” She cut me off by crashing her lips onto mine, in a sweet, gentle kiss. I immediately kissed her back, loving the warmth that her body was giving me. We stayed like that for another five seconds until she broke the kiss and sweetly smiled. We walked back downstairs to the living room where the others were, hand in hand.

A/N: So my friends that are also reading this kept saying how my chapters are short....IM TRYING. Any ways, I know they're reading this so .... Hey KEVIN , Hey SHERBERT


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