Remember Your Promise -Complete-

“Remember when you left without saying goodbye?” he asked.
“Yes” I replied sadly, remembering it like it was yesterday.
“Promise me you’ll never do it again.”
“I promise”

**KC and Aubrey are best friends and go to London to stay with KC's aunt and celebrate her 18th birthday. What happens when she runs in to an old friend? Does meeting him once again bring back her past sadness or clash with her happy future?**
First Movella...excited!


37. Trouble to Come


Saturday morning couldn’t have come any sooner. The club last night got a little out of control but overall it was a great night. Just as Lou said, Aubrey and I were back at 12. Lou was sort of disappointed in Aubrey by the condition she came home in. I explained to her that this doesn’t happen often so Lou wouldn’t down grade her. Aubrey and I are on our way to the boys’ house. We want to spend as much of the weekend with them because they’re going to be busy majority of the week. We decided to walk since it’s only a ten minute walk and we need the exercise.  We both wore our hair in high ponytails, our hair still being in loose curls from last night. I’m wearing my black yoga shorts with a black ‘Ramones’ tank top and white converse. Aubrey wore her white denim shorts and her black ‘high-low’ top and her white converse. Both of our converse where no longer white, we had some of our friends signed them as a ‘remember me’ from graduating high school. Their messages and our colorful decorations is what covered our shoes.

We had gotten to the boys’ house and knocked on the door. “Hey Liam!” we said in unison as Liam answered the door. “Hey girls, come inside. I just got done making some lunch, would you care for any?” “No thank you” I answered. “Yes!” Aubrey said. Liam laughed, “Well, Zayn’s in there as well. I’m actually leaving for a bit so I’ll see you girls later.” “Alright, bye.” Aubrey zoomed to the kitchen and I followed, at a slower pace. I looked in there expecting to find Niall but he wasn’t there, only Zayn, Aubrey and Louis. “Hey guys, where’s Niall?” “I don’t know, but I’m surprised he isn’t down here eating” Zayn laughed. “I think he’s still sleeping, you might want to wake him up. It’s almost one in the afternoon” Louis said. I nodded and went upstairs to his room. I opened the door slowly to see him sprawled out on his back in just his joggers. I removed my shoes and crawled onto his bed. I sat on his stomach, a knee either side of his waist. “Get up” I said as I poked his cheek. “Niall…” I sang as I poked at his bare torso. He still wouldn’t budge, “There’s Nando’s” “Really?!” he shot opened his eyes. I laughed, “No.” He abruptly switched the rolls, rolling us over so I was now under him. He pinned both my arms either side of my head. “But I like Nando’s” he said giving me a puppy dog look. “Well you better go and get some.” I teased. He laughed before pecking me on the lips and climbing off of me. He picked up a shirt off the floor and pulled it over his head, “Since your being mean I guess I’ll go and get some Nando’s” he joked before pecking me on the lips once more and left.

I hopped off Niall’s bed and decided to go to Harry’s room since he wasn’t downstairs either. I hear some noise in there so I know he’s awake. I softly knock but no one answers. “Harry…” I call as I slowly open the door. What I saw…was scaring. His hands holding her barely clothed hips, only wearing her under clothes as she straddled him. She looked over her shoulder at me, not even caring to cover up, “Oh, hey Mutt…I mean, Karmen.” Her smile was as fake as Barbie’s dream house. Harry sat up and saw me as well, “Karmen…” “I-I’m sorry” I closed the door and paced down the hall when I heard Harry yell “Karmen!” his proximity a little closer than I expected. I felt him grab my wrist and yank me around to face him. Before her could get another word out, I slapped him. I have a habit of doing that to douche bags. “How could you! After everything she did to me, to us! You still slept with her?” my voice laced with hurt, duplicity. His face turned from one of anger, to one of confusion. “To us?” he asked. Oh no, what did I say? All this time Harry thought I wanted to leave Cheshire, that it was my parents decision to fly me back…he thought wrong. I was ready to tell him.

“You thought I wanted to leave…don’t you?” No answer “don’t you?!” He lightly nodded, obviously stricken by my tone of voice. “No…it was her fault. I came home EVERYDAY with a new bruise or mark and some, as you can see, NEVER went away.” He just stood there, with his head bowed but I knew he was listening. “My grandparents thought it was you giving me those bruises…they didn’t believe me!” His head lifted and his eyes were wide. “They knew her parents and would say ‘no, she’s a nice girl’ and ‘stop defending him, you’re not staying, it’s for your safety’ they forced me to leave and THAT’S why I never said goodbye. Not that I didn’t want to…because they wouldn’t let me.” I had let some stray tears fall from my eyes, from anger. “Now you go back to her, back to that WHORE that ruined EVERYTHING…and have fun.” I said as I walked away, leaving him standing in the hall way alone. I went to the bathroom before going downstairs, to get rid of the puffiness in my eyes that was starting to build.

After a while of freshening up, I went downstairs. I was a bit surprised when I met four pairs of eyes on me, filled with concern. “KC…” Aubrey stated. I scratched the back of my neck nervously, “Please tell me you guys didn’t hear everything I said.” Niall walked up to me, I guess he had just come back from Nando’s. He cupped my cheek with his hand and tilted it up so I’d face him. I moved his hand away; instead I wrapped my arms around his waist and let my emotions spill. He rubbed my back to comfort me. I just wanted him to hold me and tell me it was going to be OK. He turned his head, “We’ll be back.” “Take your time” Louis said back. I felt him knock my feet from under me and carry me bridal style upstairs. He laid me down on his bed and soon joined me. My head on his chest as I listen to his soothing heartbeat calm me. “Do you want to talk about it?” he asked. I shook my head. “It would be better to talk about it than leave it caged in” he suggested. I sighed; “I just thought he should know” I spoke quietly. Annoyed, I sat up and took the hair tie out of my tight ponytail and let my hair fall. I laid my head back down Niall’s chest and traced patterns on his shirt. “But did you have to yell?” he said, combing his fingers through my hair. “I didn’t mean for it to come out that way. I was just angry. It’s just… every time I think about the whole situation; it makes me angry and upset.” “You really loved him, didn’t you?” his voiced was laced with sorrow. I lifted myself so I was hovering over him, leaning on my right elbow. I rest my free hand on his chest, “Back then, I didn’t even know what love was. But I do now and the way I felt then doesn’t compare to the way I feel about you now.” His amiable smile told me that he was happy to hear me say it. I leaned down to peck his lips but felt me pecking more and more on his soft lips. Every time, the kiss grew longer and longer until I settled my lips on his n a passionate kiss. I felt him grasp my thigh. Taking it as a signal to straddle him, a knee either side of his waist, without breaking our connection. I fisted his hair between fingers as he delved his tongue into my mouth, his grip on my hips becoming firmer. My hair veiling around us, making the temperature significantly increase.

We pull apart when we hear someone knock on the door. “Every. Single. Time” I pant, resting my forehead against Niall’s. He breathily laughs before rolling us over and softly kissing my lips once more before walking over to the door.

Niall’s POV:

Zayn. Of course. “We were kind of worried so we just wanted to check to see if you guys were OK.” Knowing the mischievous smirk on his face, I knew he was lying. I think he thoroughly enjoys interjecting on KC and I’s exertion. I rolled my eyes at him and as if he read my mind, “I have fun barging in on you guys.” I shake my head and playfully push him out the doorway. “That way you’ll never get any.” He laughed before I slammed the in his as I laughed. I turned to see KC lying on her back with her arm covering with her eyes, laughing. I jump on her and pin her arms on either side of her head. “And what is so funny?” I ask her. Her cheeks turn a slight red and she tries to hide her face but with her wrists pinned it wasn’t possible. I dipped my head into the crook of her neck, “Tell me.” “You’re a virgin, Niall?” I didn’t expect that to be the question. I could feel heat rise to my cheeks as I lifted my head and slightly nodded. I let go of her wrists, feeling a bit uneasy about my actions. She cupped my cheek and lightly smiled, “You’re not the only one” she spoke softly before leaving a sweet kiss to my lips, which made me shyly smile. “A-are you hungry?” I stammered. She nodded. She laughed as I scooped her up and put her over my shoulder, carrying her downstairs.


“Niall! Put me down!” I laughed as he went downstairs. He didn’t reply. “I don’t think people wanna see my butt swinging in all directions!” I exclaimed. He laughed, “I don’t mind.” Once we got to the kitchen he set me down, I turned to see everyone downstairs. EVERYONE…including Harry and …. Cara, I mean, Caroline. I ignored them as much as possible because the LAST thing I want to do is get into a huge argument. My phone started vibrating and so did Aubrey’s…strange.

-Lou: Girls! I’m going to be out of town for the next five days to a week, I leave tomorrow morning. I was hoping you girls would take care of Lux for me. I know you both are responsible enough to do it. Call me if anything happens, OK?-

I replied with an ‘OK, don’t worry’ before grinning towards Aubrey, she gave me the same look back. “Yeayuhhh!! ( Regular Show)” we exclaimed. Everyone started laughing at our sudden outburst, even Harry and Caroline had a light smile. “Why are you guys so happy?” Liam asked. “Weelll… Lou is going out of town for about a week and we get the WHOLE house to ourselves” Aubrey proudly stated. “Actually,” I corrected “We still have to care for Lux.” “I wanna help!” Louis shouted. I laughed, “Of course you can. You guys can stop by anytime.”  “What about me?” Niall huskily said into my ear, as he wrapped his arms around my waist from behind. I turned around, still in his grasp; “I’d love to have you there” I said and deeply kissed him. “PDA!” Louis shouted. I turned to him when Niall said, “Oh please, don’t act like you and El don’t do it ALL THE TIME.” “Yeah, I didn’t say anything last night when you two were sucking faces on MY birthday” I laughed.

This is a problem. I can feel Caroline looking towards me but I don’t want to say anything. We’re all standing at the island, eating. Other than Louis, who is at the fridge, getting himself a drink. She’s standing right across from me with Harry and I have Aubrey and Niall on either side of me.  Ok, I’ve had enough. “Can I help you?” I rudely question when I catch her glaring at me AGAIN. “Oh nothing” she smartly replies. “I’m just saying because every time I look across the table I can see you staring at me. You’re so irrelevant.” “Don’t be so conceited, Karmen. Not everyone likes you.” “Proving my point. You’re the only person in this house that doesn’t like me, which makes you IR-REL-E-VANT.” Everyone is looking at us now. I can feel Niall pull me closer to him by my waist and whisper in my ear, “Chill out, KC.” Even though he’s trying to control the situation, I can hear the amusement in his voice. “Look, I’m not trying to cause trouble” she scolds. “Not trying to cause trouble? When did you decide that, before or after you beat me?” Her eyes went wide and she fell silent. “Yeah, that’s what I thought.”

The next hour went by very smoothly. I talked to Aubrey majority of the time and shared a lot of jokes with Liam. He is WAY too funny. It all went bad again when Caroline said, “Can I talk to you?” OH BOY

A/N: Caroline's back! uh oh here comes trouble.

I know i thank you guys A LOT but THANK YOU! haha yeah. 558 reads! I know its not much but they grow everyday and it make me happy! Please favorite and comment on this story, it would mean a lot.




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