Remember Your Promise -Complete-

“Remember when you left without saying goodbye?” he asked.
“Yes” I replied sadly, remembering it like it was yesterday.
“Promise me you’ll never do it again.”
“I promise”

**KC and Aubrey are best friends and go to London to stay with KC's aunt and celebrate her 18th birthday. What happens when she runs in to an old friend? Does meeting him once again bring back her past sadness or clash with her happy future?**
First Movella...excited!


40. These are the days we enjoy

Aubrey’s POV:

I slam back into the mattress and cover my puffy, reddened eyes with my arm. I’m so stupid! Twice it’s happened now…twice! I thought Zayn loved me and cared about me. I thought the same about Jacob. Jacob was my first and Zayn was my first since the first. I just can’t win. I sob uncontrollably, my bare chest rising and falling with every ragged breath.

I hear someone open the door but, right now, I don’t care to cover up. Only wearing my underwear and the thin sheet covering my chest.  “Get out!” I spat. I heard them close the door, but to my surprise, sit beside me in the bed. “Aubrey, what’s wrong?” they urgently asked, voice filled with concern. “Zayn!” I scrabbled up and held him tight around his neck. I sobbed into the crook his neck, “I-I thought you had left.” “No, no. I wouldn’t ever hurt you like that.” He reassured me. Now I feel extra stupid. Zayn isn’t and will never be anything like Jacob. He moved us further onto the bed, carrying me with him. He rests his back on the head board while cradling me in his arms.

“I’m sorry for thinking you’d do something like that. It’s just, it’s happened before and…”

“I understand. But you have to understand that I’d never do something so hurtful. I want to love you and take care of you, Aubrey, and last night proves it.”

I lightly blushed as the memories from last night washed over me. As Zayn caressed my side, the realization of my lack of cover up, hit me. As I snuggle in closer to Zayn, a chill covering my entirety, I noticed that he’s fully clothed. His shirt and jeans, which hung low because of his lack of belt.

“Where were you?” I ask, lips against the soft skin of his neck “When I woke up, I mean.”

“Well, for starters, it’s noon so I went to make us breakfast. I checked on you a little while ago, to see if you were asleep. You looked so peaceful, so I waited downstairs for a bit and that’s when I heard you calling my name.”

“I’m sorry” I continue to sob. “Don’t be sorry” he said, caressing my side with his fingers once more, leaving goose bumps  at their wake. I shivered at his delicate touch. I tried to lift my head and cover myself with the sheets but he held me a bit tighter. Noticing my chill, “Are you cold?” I lightly nodded. I was startled when he set me on the bed and stood next to it. My arm instantly traveled to my chest, concealing my bareness. I watched as he removed his shirt and gave me no time for protest as he slipped it over my head.

I quietly thanked him. I should have also thanked him for the view, his bare torso, so picturesque with the many imprints on his skin. I didn’t have time to process, before I knew it I was being carried out of my bedroom and down the steps. “Where are we going?” “I’m getting our breakfast.” “Zayn, I can walk” I giggled. “I know,” he chuckled “I don’t mind.” I silently praised him as I buried my face further into his chest. He stepped into the kitchen and set me down on the counter, leaving a departing kiss to my cheek.

I watched as he moved around the kitchen, setting our food and drinks on a tray to take them upstairs. I was admiring the way his back muscles contracted, when I saw misplaced scars on his skin. “Zayn…” He looked over his shoulder at me, “Yeah?” I reached my hand out as a signal for him to come to me and he did. He stood between my legs as I sat on the counter. “What’s the matter?” he asked. I slightly turned him and ran my hands over his back, “Your back…what happened?” He tried to look at it over his shoulder. When he saw, he shook his head and lightly chuckled. “What’s funny?” I asked. I couldn’t quite find the humor in the situation. “Nothing” he laughed again, apparently amused in his private joke. “What happened, Zayn?” I asked with a bit more confidence. I laid my hands on his shoulders as he rest his forehead on my shoulder. “You happened” he chuckled. My eyes widened and my cheeks burned at the revelation. He laughed as my body stiffened in his hold. “S-sorry” I gushed. “Don’t be…I think it’s cute. Trying to suppress moans.” I shied away as he tried to tilt my head up to him. I was slightly embarrassed at the thought. He smiled and left me a kiss to my forehead before going back to the tray of food. He walked to the exit, with the tray in hand, looked over his shoulder and said, “You coming?” I nodded and hoped off the counter before joining him and going upstairs.


“Niall… your phone” I moaned as the annoying buzzing continued on my bedside table. “It’s your phone” he mumbled back, half of his face buried in the pillow. The buzzing stopped for a while and I was happy to go back to sleep…until it vibrated again. “Niall…” I complained, pushing at his shoulder so he’d wake up. No use. I groaned as I sat up and rest my body weight on Niall’s as I reached for the phone. It was his. I didn’t bother checking the caller, so I answered it. “Hello?” I said in my groggy morning voice. I cleared my throat and repeated, “Hello?” “Niall?” the person on the other line asked. It’s Harry. “What do you want, Harry?” I asked, a bit annoyed. “Oh, Karmen. Um, where’s Niall?” I looked at Niall, whose face was inches away from mine because I was practically draped over him as he rest on his side. “He’s right here, but he won’t get up.” I purposely said, causing him to groan, “I can take a message.” Niall shifted onto his back, taking me with him so I’d lie directly on top of him. Wrapping both arms around me so I couldn’t move. “Yeah, just tell him that we have an interview around five so he should be heading home in a few hours.” I check the phones time, ten. “I don’t wanna go” Niall grumbled, sounding child-like. I cover the speaker with one hand; “You have to go” I smile, leaving a kiss to the corner of his mouth.

“Don’t worry, he’ll be there” I tell Harry. Niall takes the phone from my hand, “The things she’s saying are false” he jokes, making Harry chuckle. “Oh Harry, you should’ve heard KC talking in her sleep last night.” He says, smiling up at me. I try and cover his mouth, but he could still be heard through my hand. “She is a sick minded individual” he continued. I could hear Harry laughing. “Shh” I try and hush him. He keeps talking until I forcefully press my lips onto his, which made him shut up. Turning his last few words into a throaty moan. “You guys could at least hang up the phone first” Harry suggested with a bit of annoyance in his voice. I laughed and took the phone back, “As I said, Harry, he’ll be there.” I hung up the phone and laid back down, this time on Niall’s chest.


Niall and I got a bit hungry so we went downstairs to get a quick bite. Aubrey and Zayn came down a short while after, putting dishes into the sink. “So, how was your night” I teasingly asked Aubrey, raising an eyebrow and had a playful smirk on my face. Niall smiled and shook his head. Aubrey blushed a bit before sticking her tongue out at me. She can’t hide it…I heard them. Just then I got a text from a random number.

-Hey, it’s Josie! I was hoping we could meet up today in the next couple hours. I know it’s sort of a late notice but surely we’d be able to hang out.-

I was just going to ask what the guys were up to today, before the interview, to see if I’d have time to meet with Josie. “What do you guys have planned for today?” Aubrey beat me to the question. “We have an interview at five and it’s about…one right now so we were just going to head home and wait until then.” Niall answered her. “You guys are welcome to come with us...with Lux of course” Zayn suggests. “Yes!” Aubrey and I say in unison. “Wait…” I say, “I was supposed to meet with Josie today.” I look towards Niall. He gives a thinking expression. “Josie?” Aubrey asks. “She was my friend a while back and I just saw her yesterday. We planned on hanging out today.” “She can meet us at ours, until we leave for the interview” Niall smiles. “That would be great” I say and kiss him on the cheek.

-Sure we can! Is it alright if you meet us at the boys’ house?-

Josie agreed and I text her, their address. Just then I hear some noises from upstairs. I guess Niall heard it as well because he was already on his way out of the kitchen. Aubrey and Zayn got wrapped up in their own conversation, so I left as well. I was walking upstairs towards the noise, but it seemed to have stopped. Instead the sound was replaced with a soft voice. I was led to Lux’s room; I quietly walked through the opened door. I see Niall rocking her, his head bowed so his forehead is lightly on hers. He doesn’t hear me walk further into the room as he turns around, his back towards me.

I slowly piece together the words, ‘Lego House’ by Ed Sheeran. It sounds amazing. I wrap my arms around his bare torso from behind and rest my forehead on his back. He didn’t jump or anything so I guess he knew I was in here the whole time. Every now and then I join him with the soft singing. “KC…” he spoke quietly after the singing ceased. “Yeah?” “She’s asleep now.” I walk around him and softly kiss his cheek before carefully taking Lux in my arms. He smiles at me. “You should go and get ready. After I dress her and myself we can go.” He nodded and left the room.


After we’re all ready and leaving out the door, I check the time, 2 pm. I’m carrying Lux to Niall’s car while Aubrey and Zayn walk to his. I almost forgot the car seat that Lou left us. I rush back inside and grab the seat before heading to the car and strapping her in. I sit in the back with her, just in case she needed anything. She was asleep and hopefully she’ll wake up soon, she’s been sleeping a lot lately.

We pulled up to the boys’ house. “You can set her in my room” Niall suggested. I nodded and took her upstairs to Niall’s. I make sure to put pillows in either side of her to make sure she doesn’t roll of the bed. I walked back downstairs and see Aubrey, Niall, Louis and…Caroline, sitting in the living room.

-I’m here- Josie text me.

I got really excited and opened the door. Josie hugged me tightly. After we settled down I showed her to the living room. “Josie, this is my friend Aubrey.” Josie went to Aubrey and shook her hand. “It’s so nice to meet you.” “Same” Aubrey smiled. Josie said ‘hi’ to everyone else, “Hey, Zayn, Louis. Oh, hey…Caroline” she looked a bit shocked to see her there.

Niall’s POV:

I heard the girls and Zayn talking in the living room for a while. I was in the kitchen, making myself a sandwich, when I heard a sigh from someone. I looked over my shoulder to see Harry walk into the kitchen and lean against the island.”What’s up?” I asked him. “Nothing really.” He was upset; he has been ever since what happened between him and KC. I feel kind of bad for him; no one deserves to lose their best friend…twice. “It’s about KC, isn’t it?” I turned to him. He nodded and rests his face in his hands. Just then, Zayn walked in shaking his head, “Don’t ever leave me in a room full of girls again.” Harry and I both laughed.

“Niall” KC called for me, skipping into the kitchen. She looks really good. Her hair in damp curls because of her shower, black shorts and her red ‘Elmo’ tank top, matched with her black vans. So simple, yet so amazing. She comes to me and wraps her arms around my neck, “Come in the living room with us.” I smile and see some movement out the corner of my eye. I look past her to see Zayn shaking his head and mouthing ‘no’. I laugh to myself and look back at her, “In a little bit” I assure her. She smiles, leans up and kisses me. I can’t help but smile into the kiss. “It better be in a little bit” she teasingly threats before making her way back to the living room. I smile and shake my head. I look up to see Zayn grinning at me, “You should feel lucky, I didn’t intrude that time” he jokes. “Think you’re funny?” He nods. “You know what else is funny?” I say, “Those scratches along your back. Looks like Aubrey really racked her nails into you last night” I counter. That shuts him, his face turning a light red. Harry is just laughing at the situation. I’m glad to see him laughing for the first time in days.

A/N: If your name isn't in this chapter as much as you wanted...sorry. I felt like the chapter was going on too long. The next chapter is going to be good though so keep your heads up!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO JOSIE! (the real one...not the character)


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