Remember Your Promise -Complete-

“Remember when you left without saying goodbye?” he asked.
“Yes” I replied sadly, remembering it like it was yesterday.
“Promise me you’ll never do it again.”
“I promise”

**KC and Aubrey are best friends and go to London to stay with KC's aunt and celebrate her 18th birthday. What happens when she runs in to an old friend? Does meeting him once again bring back her past sadness or clash with her happy future?**
First Movella...excited!


30. I don't care

A/N: This chapter is mainly about Zayn and Aubrey....JUST SAYIN'.

Zayn’s POV:

I haven’t seen Aubrey since the beach on Friday. It’s Monday now. That night I laid her in her bed, she looked so peaceful. I took a picture of her, snuggled up in her blanket. I lie next to her and lift the phone above our faces and took the picture. I had a silly face while she was just laying there sleeping. I posted it on twitter, just for the hell of it.

Had a great day with @_Aubrey_J ! Sweet dreams Bree

I immediately got tons of favorites, retweets , and comments. Sadly, most of them were hate. I thought they’d be happy for me. I hope Aubrey doesn’t see them, even though I’m sure she already has. What have I done?

I decided to call her. She’s been so distant lately. I hope that this isn’t the reason why.

“Hello?” She sounded as if she’s been crying.

“Aubrey…” I couldn’t get any other words out.

“Yeah?” she sniffed.

“I-I’m so sorry. I didn’t know this would happen.” She didn’t have to tell me why she was crying, I already knew.

“It’s alright, Zayn. I’m alright” she was lying. I knew she wasn’t alright, I could tell by her tone of voice.

“Please let me be there for you.” I just wanted to hold her and tell her everything was going to be alright.

“No ,Zayn. Just stay there, I’ll be fine.”

“Aubrey pl-…”

“Just stay” she said, and then ended the call.

This is frustrating. I want to talk to her and show her that I don’t care what other people think about our relationship.

I left my room and headed downstairs to the kitchen. I’m a stress eater. When I walked in I saw Liam and Louis eating. Lunch I suppose. I made myself a sandwich and sat at the island where they sat. “Everything alright, mate?” Liam asked. “Not really.” “What’s the matter?” Louis asked. I sighed, “There’s been a lot of hate over twitter about Aubrey and I.” Both of their mouths formed an ‘O’ shape. “She won’t talk to me” I added. “Have you tried calling her” asked Louis. I nodded. “How about you show up at Lou’s. She won’t have any other option than to talk to you then.” Liam said. Genius, but what if I came to Lou’s and she slammed the door in my face? No. That’s not like Aubrey. I need to make sure she’s alright. “Genius!” I exclaimed as I went up and hugged him. “Thanks, I guess?” he laughed. I walked out of the door and went to my car.

Aubrey’s POV:

After I got off the phone with Zayn, I felt helpless. He wanted to help, I knew he did, but no one could help me. They can’t take down all the hatred spamming my twitter, my life. I’ve been in my room sobbing for quite a while now. Lou came in to see if I was alright. I faked a smile and told her I’d pull myself together, but we both knew that was a lie. She ignored it and told me that her door was open whenever I wanted to talk. The only person I really wanted to talk to was Zayn, but I didn’t want to worry him.

There was a knock on the door and I really didn’t want to answer it. But I felt like I haven’t been doing anything to help around here so I got up out of my bed and went downstairs to open the door. “I got it!” I yelled as I answered the door. I opened it. Zayn. “What are you doing here, Zayn?” I spoke quietly. I don’t know why but as soon as I saw him, a wave of emotions crashed on to me. He just came to me and wrapped me in a hug, a protective one. That’s when they came. The tears. I cried on to his chest, leaving a wet mark of my pain. He let me cry.

 After a while a let go and looked up to see his tear filled eyes. I wiped his escaped tear away from his cheek. “Why are you crying?” I asked him. I was the one that received the hate. “I’m just so sorry. You don’t understand how much I care about you and I don’t care what they say about you, about us. You NEED to know that I’ll always be here…for you.” When he said that, the tears wouldn’t stop falling. Zayn abruptly took my hand and led me out of Lou’s house. I tried to resist him but he was much stronger than I. “What are you doing?” I asked. The color from my face drained as we turned a corner and I saw a crowd of paparazzi. “Stop!” I exclaimed. I didn’t want them to see me. “Why?” he asked. What kind of question was that? “They’ll see me. They won’t stop messing with you…unless I stay away.” He stopped pulling me and stood in front of me with a confused look on his face. “Is that what this is all about? You being brave…for me?” “It’ll ruin you Zayn…Please” I pleaded quietly. I glanced to my side and saw the paparazzi pacing towards us. I tugged at his arm so he’d start walking back towards Lou’s before the paps caught up with us. He stood his ground. He pulled me to him, grabbed my face between his hands and kissed me. I saw the flashes of camera lights through my closed lids but at this moment, I didn’t care. I’ve never felt this way about anyone before and no one’s treated me the way Zayn has. He pulled away and wiped my tears away with the pad of his thumbs, “I love you, Aubrey.” Those words made me cry even more, but not tears of anguish, tears of relief and joy. I placed my hands over his that were on either side of my face, “I love you too, Zayn.” He smiled and kissed me again, ignoring the swarming paparazzi. They were still snapping pictures when Zayn pulled away and rested his forehead against mine, looking into my eyes. “We should really get going” he said. “Oh, now you want to leave?” I teased. He laughed and kissed me on my forehead before lifting me up bridal style. He managed to get through the paparazzi but they were still following us. Luckily, Zayn had called Paul before hand and managed to control the situation. As Zayn was walking back toward Lou’s, carrying me, a paparazzi yelled after us. “Zayn!  Zayn, where are you going?” they asked, struggling to get out of Paul’s grip. Zayn turned around and yelled back, “I’m taking the girl I love, home!”

A/N: Suggestions for a Zayn/Aubrey name? I think they're cute, of course i do, i made it up!

Oh yeah, today i had cheer try outs and I'm BEAT!


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