Remember Your Promise -Complete-

“Remember when you left without saying goodbye?” he asked.
“Yes” I replied sadly, remembering it like it was yesterday.
“Promise me you’ll never do it again.”
“I promise”

**KC and Aubrey are best friends and go to London to stay with KC's aunt and celebrate her 18th birthday. What happens when she runs in to an old friend? Does meeting him once again bring back her past sadness or clash with her happy future?**
First Movella...excited!


18. Give it Back


When I woke up, Niall wasn’t there. But I knew he had to be somewhere. I smiled as I saw the stuffed puppy he gave me taking his place on the bed where he once lay. It was about 8am and I was starved. I walked downstairs to the kitchen and surprisingly, everyone was awake. Lou was feeding Lux in her high-chair and Aubrey was eating a piece of toast while on her phone. “Good morning” Lou said. “Morning” I said back. After I poured myself a bowl of cereal, I sat down and started eating. I couldn’t help but notice that every time Aubrey’s screen lit up, she’d widely grin. “Who are you texting?” I knew she was talking to someone, but I had to know who it was making her so happy this early in the morning. “My boyfriend.” As soon as those words flew out of her mouth, my milk and oats came out of mine. “Your WHAT?” I managed to say after seconds of vigorously coughing. “Yeah…Zayn” she replied with tinges of pink on her cheeks. After settling down a bit, I started smirking at her. “I’m happy for you Aubrey. You and Zayn.” Lou said after some seconds of awkward silence. “Thank you” Aubrey replied.

“You know what we should do.” I said with a burst of excitement running through my body. “What” they said in unison. “We should have a ‘girls day’, then later we should invite the guys over.” “That sounds nice…” Lou said “but I don’t think Lux and I can stay late when the guys come over, she’s been having trouble falling asleep so I think we’ll have to ‘turn in’ early.” “That’s fine, at least we can spend the day with you two” Aubrey said, lightly pecking Lux on the cheek. “So it’s settled. How about we go to the mall around twelve and the guys can come at five, when we get home” I said, setting out a plan. “Sounds like a plan” Aubrey said. Lou nodded.

After we got ready for the day, we left to the mall. We bought clothes for ourselves and even some for baby Lux. We ate a little bit and continued to walk the streets of London. It was a good day. The first day we actually had some girl time since Aubrey and I got here. We went back home around 3:50, enough time to clean and freshen up before the guys got here.

Harry’s POV:

“Hey Haz, you feel like going to Lou’s in about an hour? KC invited us to hang out.” Niall asked. “Uh yeah. Why not?” I replied. I haven’t really spoken to KC, not since the incident in my bedroom. She said it was ‘fine’, but then why was she avoiding me? I didn’t want to avoid her, so I decided to go with the rest of the guys.

When we got there, the smell of pasta was filling the whole house. The girls greeted all of us, some more than others (i.e. Zayn/Aubrey and Niall/Karmen). I tried to ignore it but it kept eating away at me. Karmen and Niall. I had to ignore it, Niall being one of my best mates and all. It was still a bit early so we decided to wait before we ate. While we waited, we decided to watch some T.V.

Liam’s POV:

We were barely paying any attention to the T.V. We were sharing jokes and laughing about weird past experiences. We saw that baby Lux was getting tired and it was cute how she struggled to stay awake. Our laughter was interrupted when we heard a knock on the door. “I’ll get it” Lou said. “No, I’ll get it, go put Lux to bed. She looks tired” KC said, getting up from the couch. Lou nodded and took Lux to her room. KC opened the door “Package for a Karmen Carrs” the delivery man said.                                                                     

  “Yeah, that’s me.” She said as she took the package and then thanked the man.                                                              

  “What is it?” Aubrey asked, curiously.                                                                                                                                 

   “Well let me open it first” KC laughed. She proceeded to open the box, she reached in and pulled out a card, “It’s from my grandmother.” She spoke quietly, observing the card.                                                           

  “What does it say?” Aubrey asked. Gosh she was nosy.                                                                                                       

   KC sighed, and then read the card aloud. “Karmen, I heard you were in England so I decided to send you some things. I’ve sent some things that you left behind when you moved away. They probably don’t mean much now that you’re older but you never know. Some of the things in here are very interesting…” she started giggling “…I hope to see you soon, Love, Gramm.”                                                                        

“Open it, we don’t mind” I said, wanting to know more about her past. She seemed shy but she probably wasn’t always that way.

She grabbed the box and set it on the small table in the middle of the living room. We all were sitting on the couches and watching her as she was having trouble opening the smaller box inside. Harry lifted himself of the couch and walked towards her, “Let me help”. He opened the box and sat next to KC to help her with the items. She reached in a pulled out a journal, but it was more of a diary. She opened it and lightly smiled as she started reading it.                                                                                                                                   

    “I can’t believe she kept it all these years”                                                                                                                         

  “Let me see” Harry said, trying to take it but she wouldn’t let him. “No”                                                               

  “Come on, let me see” he said, snatching it from her grasp.                                                                                      

   “Give it back!” she spat. Harry stood up and raised it above his head while she was jumping to get it. “Harry give it back” Niall intervened. “Yeah Harry” I said, seeing that KC was starting to get a bit upset. He kept laughing as if it was all a game. He started to read it aloud, uh oh. “TODAY, SEPTEMBER TWENTY FIRST TWO THOUS-…” he stopped, his face that was once covered in excitement, covered in shock. He quickly turned his head to KC, who had a tear rolling down her cheek, “Give it back.” She spoke quietly but harshly. They just stood there looking each other in the eyes, with the same harsh/shocked expression. Louis jumped up and took the diary out of Harry’s hands, “I’ll take that.” Harry just stood there while KC went to Niall’s side on the couch and buried her face in his chest, defeated. Louis continued where Harry left off. “Today, September 21, I had my first kiss. Harry, my best friend, kissed me…” Louis read. I could hear KC quietly sob on to Niall’s chest. “…it was special. He’s special. He even named a star after me for my birthday. ’KC’, I like it. Why is he so nice to me? He even asked me to go on a date with him; I thought it was silly because I see him every day. I’m happy to have someone like him. I don’t ever want to leave…” “That’s enough Louis” I say, trying to stop him from reading anymore. It wasn’t fun anymore, it got serious fast.

Just then Lou walks in, “What’s going on, I can hear you guys from the other room…Karmen?” she says with a concerned look as she sees Niall holding KC, sobbing. KC quickly gets up, grabs her box and paces to her room, crying.

Harry’s POV:

As soon as I read the date, I knew what it was. I also remembered that night. I didn’t mean to make her so upset by reading it, I thought she’d laugh. When she stormed off with the box, I didn’t know what to do. I stood there and scratched the back of my neck nervously. When I heard her door slam, I came back to reality. I paced towards the stairs; I needed to talk to her. “I think she needs to be alone.” Lou said, blocking the path. “Can you please just move?” I demanded more than asked. “Harry” she spoke harshly still in my way. “Lou” I bit back. “Leave it Harry.” Niall says. I sent him a death glare. Who told him to speak? I then, hurriedly, brush past Lou and make my way up stairs and to Karmen’s room.

A/N: OK, so how was it? i enjoyed typing this chapter, fun! What do you think is going to happen when Harry talks to KC?


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