Remember Your Promise -Complete-

“Remember when you left without saying goodbye?” he asked.
“Yes” I replied sadly, remembering it like it was yesterday.
“Promise me you’ll never do it again.”
“I promise”

**KC and Aubrey are best friends and go to London to stay with KC's aunt and celebrate her 18th birthday. What happens when she runs in to an old friend? Does meeting him once again bring back her past sadness or clash with her happy future?**
First Movella...excited!


23. Free Day

Aubrey’s POV:

I woke up around 9am. I had to get up and get ready because Zayn is picking me up at noon. I go downstairs and grab a bagel. I see that KC is already up and reading through her phone. “Morning KC” I say, standing in front of her. “Morning” she says emotionless, eyes glued to the screen. I grab her by the wrist and tug her upstairs, “Help me get ready” I say. She giggles and happily obliges.

“How about this?” KC said bringing out another outfit. There was a baby-blue tie top that stopped right above my hips and denim shorts that stopped above mid-thigh. “Nice. What shoes?” “How about these ones?” she said as she brought out my white sandals. I put my clothes on, and then KC helped me with my hair. My hair was still in loose curls so KC just untangled them, and then slipped a white headband on my head. It was around 11: 40am when we had finally gotten finished, so KC and I decided to watch some TV together while I waited for Zayn.


When Aubrey left, I decided to get ready for when Harry came. My hair was still the same as yesterday as well, but I’m not too pleased with it. I took a shower and washed my hair. When I got out of the shower I blow-dried my hair, and then straightened it. I wore black skinny jeans, a violet camisole and a black cardigan. I didn’t think my hair looked right with the outfit when it’s down, so I pulled it up to a high ponytail. I slipped on my purple vans and went back downstairs. I sat on the couch, watched TV, and waited for Harry who should be here in fifth teen minutes.

Once Harry got here we got into his car and drove off. “So, where are we going?” I asked, wondering why we weren’t going in the same direction his house was. “I thought we could go to a coffee shop”                      

  “That’s fine by me” I said. The rest of the car ride was quiet, until Harry decided to turn on the radio. ‘American Boy’ by Estelle ft. Kanye West came on. “Oh wow, I remember this song!"
 I exclaimed, turning the radio up a bit louder. “Take me on a trip I’d like to go someday. Take me to New York, I’d love to see L.A” I start to sing, “I really want to come kick it with you. You’ll be my American boy, American boy.” I put my feet up on the dashboard and start tapping the beat on my knees. I get lost in the music until Harry turns it down. “Hey, I was listening to that” I say, slightly offended. He looks at me, and then back at the road and shakes his head, “Same old Karmen” he says laughing. “You used to love that song.” He added. “Yeah” I said, slightly amused that after all these years…he remembered.  “Well, we’re here” he said pulling up to the coffee shop. We went in and I chose a table while he ordered drinks. He came back with two hot chocolates. “Yay, this is my favorite” I said, happily. “I know” he said, cockily. I playfully rolled my eyes before taking a sip.

I set the drink back down on the table, “So Harry, how have you been? We’ve never really talked about your life after I...left.” I hesitated. He weakly smiled before answering, “Um, it was fine. The rest of middle school went by pretty fast. I didn’t have many friends though, but there was Josie.”  I suddenly got excited. I haven’t heard from Josie in years.  “Oh yeah, have you talked to her recently?” “Not really, the last time I spoke to her was around two years ago” he replied, sadly. “What about you? How was high school?” he asked, changing the topic. “OK, I guess. It was long and boring. Trust me, you didn’t miss much.” I say, remembering that he didn’t finish high school because of the X-factor (Naill told me). “I’ll take your word for it” he says, laughing and taking a sip of his drink. We talk for another hour before we drive back to Lou’s. “Hey, you wanna come inside? I can really use the company” “Yeah, sure” he replies. We go in the house and go up to my room.

Zayn’s POV:

Aubrey and I were walking in the park. It got a bit sunny, so we decided to sit under a tree that provided us some shade. My back was against the tree and Aubrey was lying between my legs. Her back to my front and the back of her head leaning on my shoulder. I had my arms wrapped around her and my jaw resting on her shoulder, where her neck and shoulder met. “It’s a really nice day out” she says. “It is now” I say kissing her cheek. I traced my fingers along her exposed stomach, making her giggle in the process. She wrapped her hand around my wrist and lightly tugged my hand away, “Down boy” she teased. It was quiet. Not and awkward silence, a comfortable one. “Do you see that?” she said, pointing in the distance. Ugh, paparazzi. “We have to go” I said getting up and lifting her up with me. “Why? What’s wrong?” she asked worriedly as we rushed to the car. I sighed, “Paparazzi” I said after both of us getting in the car. Her lips formed and ‘O’ shape before curving into a smile, “It’s fine, maybe we can go someplace else.” “Like where?” “How about…” she was thinking. “You can come to mine.” I finished before she could. She nodded. We drove off to mine and the boys’ house.

Harry’s POV:

We were talking in her room before her phone started to ring. “Hello?” she answered. I couldn’t hear who it was or what they were saying but I knew it was Niall when she said, “Hey Niall.” I didn’t want to intrude on their conversation so I got up from the bed and explored her room a bit. “I miss you too” she said softly. I ignored it and continued to look around her room. She just laid there on her back and talked to Niall on the phone. I saw a box. The same box that her grandmother sent her. I went in it and took out a manila folder. I held it in my hand and turned to her. “What is this?” I mouthed. She shrugged, “Open it” she mouthed back. She went back to talking to Niall, “Please tell me…but I wanna now” she giggled into the phone. I sat at the edge of the bed and opened the folder. She got up and moved so she was sitting next to me. I took out the contents of the folder. There were pictures, of Karmen and me when we were kids. I gave her a confused look and she gave me one back. “Uh, Niall can I call you back? …Yeah…Talk to you later… Bye.” She then hung up

We started going through them together. She laughed when we came across one. “I remember that!” she said pointing to the picture. It was a photo of me sleeping over at Karmen’s and she drew on my face. I also remembered it took me almost an hour to scrub the marker off my face.

There was another of Karmen and I covered in flour. We were trying to make cupcakes for our fifth grade class, which was a fail. We both laughed at that picture. We looked through a few more until we came across one that was flipped over; we decided to read the back first.

Gotcha! You guys are so adorable. And yes, I was spying.           


We turned the picture over…shocked.

A/N: OUUHH cliff hanger... What do you think the picture is going to be of? I might update tonight so keep you eyes peeled, wait and see.


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