Remember Your Promise -Complete-

“Remember when you left without saying goodbye?” he asked.
“Yes” I replied sadly, remembering it like it was yesterday.
“Promise me you’ll never do it again.”
“I promise”

**KC and Aubrey are best friends and go to London to stay with KC's aunt and celebrate her 18th birthday. What happens when she runs in to an old friend? Does meeting him once again bring back her past sadness or clash with her happy future?**
First Movella...excited!


58. Forever

Aubrey's POV:

"Zayn!" I screeched as I sprinted towards him. He turned with a confused look but turned into a face splitting grin once he saw me. They had just arrived and I've been waiting for a while, I just couldn't wait to see them. I jumped on him, wrapping my arms and legs around him. I squeezed him tight, wanting to feel him again. "Bree. Can't. Breathe" he breathlessly laughed. I loosed my grip and left kisses all over his face. I missed him so much. "You're all stubbly" I playfully pouted. "I missed you too" he chuckled. "Just kidding. You know I love you" I smiled and pressed my lips to his. I missed this. The feeling of his lips on mine. It's been nearly six months and I'm dying to feel him again.

I hungrily deepened the kiss, not wanting to let him go. "He wasn't the only one who flew here" I hear a voice say beside us. I look and see Liam and the rest of the group looking at us awkwardly. "KC!" I exclaim and jump out of Zayn's arms. I bolt towards her, bumping into Louis on the way.

"Well excuse the hell out of me" I hear him say before I embrace KC in a hug. "I've missed you!" she says. "You have no idea. I could kiss you right now!" She giggled, "Let's not do that."

"That's hot" I heard someone say. I let got of KC and see Harry stood next to her. I laugh when she swats his arm. "Hey Harry" I say and give him a hug. "You smell good" he mumbles into my hair. "You're such a weirdo" I giggle.

"Li!" "Oh now you see me?" "Oh shut up and give me a hug." He laughs and wraps his arms around me.

"Hey sassy pants" Louis says as he hugs me. "Me? Sassy? Pfft, look who's talking."

"Where's Niall?" I ask, looking around for the Irish fella. "Well damn. I know I'm pale but I'm not translucent" he jokes. I laugh and hug, "Oh Nialler."

"Where's baby Lux and Lou?" "They're getting a second car since the one we have is practically full" Louis answers.


We're in the van, on our way to my parents' house. My mom was more than happy to let them stay for the next couple days. I sit next to Harry and have my head on his shoulder. I lean up to look at him and he looks uneasy. "Hey, what's wrong?" I ask quietly so no one else can hear us. "I'm kind of nervous." I smile at the revelation, "It's alright, they're only my parents." "Exactly, I've never met parents before." "You'll do fine. They're gonna love you just as much as I do." He smiles and leans in, giving me a gentle kiss on the lips.

I do, I love this boy so much. Him and I have been dating for about five months now and I love every second of it. I remember the first time we told each other those three words...


Harry and I have been together two months and we're getting pretty serious. I do love him but I haven't told him. I guess you could say I was nervous. Emotionally, our relationship couldn't get better. Physically...we're very active. I'd say it was unhealthy if I didn't enjoy it so much. We're at it any chance we can get.

As of right now...yeah. We're on another one of our 'session's'

I crash onto him, exhausted. My head on his chest as it rises and falls, matching my heavy breathing. That was definitely tiring. I feel his warm finger tips brush up and down my spine as I try and catch my breathe...regain energy.

After some minutes I lean up a bit so our eyes are locked. "Harry..." "Hm?" I hesitate and brush my fingers across his forehead, moving the damp curls. "I..." I bite my lip "I love you."

I watch as a grin spreads across his face. He grasps the nape of my neck, pulling my face to him and kisses me. "You don't know how long I've been waiting for you to say that" He mumbles against my lips. "I love you too" he says and sweetly pecks my lips once again.

I'm startled when he gently places me on the bed next to him. He grabs his briefs and slips them on before walking to his suitcase. I wrap my bareness in the sheets and watch as he takes a smaller bag out. He strolls back over to me and sits beside me with a big stupid smile. "Sit up and close your eyes." I do as told. I hear the zip of the small bag one second and the next something cold is placed on my chest. I gasp, opening my eyes. I place my fingers on the object and smile when I see my ring.

I turn and wrap my arms around him. "I can't believe you kept this!" "I was just waiting for you to say I could give it back to its rightful owner" he mumbled into my hair.

*end of flashback*

"I just can't wait to see them." I'm all giddy. "Same!" Aubrey exclaims. She's been like a sister to me. She basically lived with me. "Aubs, have you seen them since you came back?" "No! I've been dying because of it."

"We're here!" I exclaim. Louis pulls into the drive way and I feel Harry tense some more. I squeeze his hand and drag him out of the car, the boys not too far behind. I see Aubrey pushing Zayn to the door. I twist the knob and it's unlocked...okay? I walk in and it's quiet. Too quiet. I take a few steps further, reminiscing on the smell of my home. "Daddy?!" Silence. "Mom?!" Nothing. My dad jumps out, trying to scare me but failing miserably. "Dad!" I exclaim and jump on him. He twirls me around while laughing, "Hey, Babygirl." "I missed you so much."

My mom pops up from behind my dad but I'm still holding him. With her dirty blonde hair up in a ponytail. I just now notice how much Lou really does look like her."Mum!" Aubrey yells and embraces my mom, mocking my mothers accent. "Aubs, for the millionth time, I'm not your mum" she giggles. "Whatever, you're still my mum." I let go of my dad and Aubrey and I switch places. "Hey mom" I say and hug her tight. "Oh, my sweet girl. I've missed you." My moms accent always intrigued me, being the only one in the house to have one. Mine was slight, barely noticeable but I took most of my traits from my father. A tall, brown-skinned, bald pleasant.

The boys introduced themselves to my parents and my dad, like all dads, is very speculative.

"Where's my sister?" my mom asked. "She went to pick up another car" Niall answered "She should be here shortly.

"Alright, so how about some lunch!" my dad says, looking towards my mother. She rolls her eyes, "I'll make tacos." "Yes!" Aubrey and I exclaim, receiving a few chuckles from the guys

"So I hear one of you boys stole my daughters heart" my mom beams. I groan. "That would be me" Harry shyly raises his hand. My dad raises is eyebrows and I send him a look that says 'chill out dad'.

"How long have you two been together?" my dad asked as calmly as possible. I sighed, "Five months. We've been over this dad." Why is he acting like this is news to him? Maybe because this is the first boyfriend he's ever seen me have. "Aww" my mom cooed. "You're all grown up Karmen. You even picked up on the accent." I gave her a confused look and glance around the table, they all nodded. I rolled my eyes...great. 

I feel Harry lean down to my ear. "Don't get mad, love. I quite like your accent" he whispered. "Of course you do. Now I sound like you" I pouted. "Actually you sound more like Louis" he snickered, poking my bottom lip making me giggle. He smiled and kissed my cheek.

"What are you guys all giggly about?" Aubrey asked. Oh, I forgot there were other people here. Zayn groaned, "This is like...regular for them."  "Really?" my mom chirps in surprise. "Yes" Liam exasperates. "They are like inseparable." 

"One never does anything unless the other does."

"They act like they're married."

"They're always cuddled up somewhere on the bus."

"And they're so loud!" Louis exclaims making the boys and Aubrey erupt in laughter.

My face turns red and I bury my face in Harry's chest, "Oh gosh." "What do you mean?" my mom asks and the whole table turns silent. " talk loud...yeah" Liam 'saves' the day.

My dad was going to say something when the door bell rings. "Lou!" my mom exclaims and dashes to the door. "Liz!" I hear Lou exclaim once my mom opens the door. We hear a bunch of squeals coming from the both of them. They're definitely sisters.


We have the rooms situated for the night. I'm sad that I'm not with Harry but my parents have their limits. Aubrey and I are in my old room. We have two extra guests rooms. Zayn, Harry and Liam are in one while Niall and Louis are in another. Lou and Lux are in my dads office downstairs. My mom brought out a pull out bed for them.

It's around nine at night and we're all prepared for bed. I walk to one of the guest rooms to say goodnight. "You guys alright in here?" I ask Louis and Niall. "Yeah thanks." "Okay goodnight." "Night."

I walk to the other room and see they're all walking around and situating themselves...well there's only two. "Where's Liam?" I ask. "Shower" Zayn answers. "Well goodnight." I turn to leave when I feel a pair of arms wrap around me. "Don't I get a better one than that" Harry whispers in my ear. I hear Zayn groan in complaint. "I'll be with Aubrey."

I turn in Harry's arms and wrap my arms around his neck. "I told you my parents aren't that bad." "They haven't berated me yet." "Berated?" I giggle. He flattens his palm on the small of my back and brings me closer. I tilt my head up and connect our lips. "Mmm, you taste good" he mumbled against my lips and connected them once again. Our lips move together in a slow rhythm, leaving me breathless. He pecked my lips twice more before nuzzling his face in the crook of my neck. He deeply inhaled, "You smell good too." I giggled and kissed his neck. "I love you" he whispered. "And I love you."

"Goodnight, love" he said and kissed me again. "Goodnight." He sighed, "You sure you can't stay here and we know." "Harry!" A clearing of the throat made our head snap to the open door. Oh dad. "Night" I quickly said, kissing his cheek and exiting the room, passing my dad on the way. "Your mothers" he sternly spoke as he walked behind me. I sighed and made a detour down the hall.

My mom and dad were basically having an argument about my relationship with Harry right in front of me. My mom was on my side mostly but my dad was just being over protective. I zoned out mostly but when they both turned they're heads towards me I was brightly paying attention.

"Karmen...are you..."  my dad stammered. My mom rolled her eyes at him. "Are you and Harry like...'together-together'?" she asked. Oh how I wish I could sink into the ground and hide my red face. I sighed, looking towards the ground, "Yes." "Well...are you safe?" "Oh gosh, yes" I answer.

"Liz!" my dad exclaims. "Nathan!" she says in the same tone. "That doesn't make it okay!" "She's eighteen, I think she's old enough to make her own decisions." My dads releases a frustrated sigh. "Dad...I...I didn't mean to disappoint you." " you didn't" he says and wraps his arms around me. "You're just growing up and...I miss my baby girl" he mumbles into my hair. "Daddy, I'm gonna always be your baby girl. I just...I love him dad and he loves me. I'm happy." He holds me at arms length, "As long as your happy. carefully. Guys are douche-bags." "Tell me about it" my mom says, receiving a glare from my dad.


Zayn's POV:

"You sure we should do this?" I whisper to Harry as we stalk our way to KC's bedroom. "Yeah, it's gonna be funny."

"What are you guys doing?" We both stop in our tracks when we see Karmen's mom, Liz, approach us. "Um..." I stammer. "Is that water?" she asks, pointing to the bucket I was holding. We both hesitantly nod. "And you're gonna throw it on the girls?" We nod again. "Oh gosh, let me get my camera." "Coolest. Mom. Ever" Harry whispers to me.

"Okay, when I say three you pull the blanket off them and I'll throw the water" I whisper to Harry as we stand at the foot of the girls' bed. He nods and Liz sends us a 'thumbs up', telling us the camera is recording. "One...Two...THREE."

Harry yanks the cover off and I throw the water on them. We burst into laughter when they both abruptly sit up but stop once we notice they both are only in panty and bra. I cover Harry's eyes and he covers mine. "What the hell!" I hear Aubrey exclaim. I hear Liz laughing and the click of a camera, "You girls just don't learn." "Mom, get out of my room!" Harry and I both remove our hands to see Liz raising her hands in surrender and exiting the room.

"You think this is funny?" Karmen asks. "Yeah it was pretty funny" Harry smugly states and I shrug. They both groan and KC gets out of the soaked bed. I watch as Aubrey evilly grins, reaches over and unclasps her bra. "Aubrey!" KC exclaims, holding it in places. Harry covers my eyes again and I hear Aubrey dash out of the room. "Annoying prick" I hear KC complain as she passes by us. Once she's out of the room Harry takes away his hand away. "Dude...I just saw your girlfriend in her underwear set" I smugly grin. "And I saw yours" he states. My face falls, "Ditto."



My dad has lightened up a bit since out little chat last night. Plus, he talked to Harry earlier today. I thought it was funny how Harry got  flustered from talking to him. Unfortunately I'm not talking to Harry at the moment because of the stunt him and Zayn pulled this morning.

"Oh come on. You can't still be mad."

We had just gotten back from eating out and it was crazy. Fans everywhere. We had to rush home. I flew past Harry when we all came in and went straight to my room. Harry followed me -.-

I was folding some clean clothes my mom had washed for me when I felt him encircle his arms around me from behind. "Don't be mad" he mumbled against my shoulder as he left hot kisses to the skin. I bit my lip trying to suppress a moan. He knew what his touch did to me. He squeezed my hips and pulled me flush against him. He rubbed his nose up and down my neck making me giggle. "See, you can't be mad at me." I sighed and turned around in his arms, "You're right." "So I'm forgiven?" he asked with a big smile. "Yeah...forgiven." He chuckled and left kisses all over my face. I leaned up and softly kissed his lips then pressed our foreheads together.

I sighed in content, "This is all so surreal." "Surreal? How?" "How...after all these years, with me in a whole different continent, we still managed to find each other." He smiled at my statement, "I think that means something." "What do you think?" "That we were meant for each other all along" he proudly says.

"I don't know but this feels so right with you" he adds, "I want this forever." Oh Harry!

"I wouldn't mind forever with you" I say, wrapping my arms around his neck.

"Forever it is."


The End.

A/n: Oh long was that? 3-4 months? The end has come! I'm actually happy about this because this was my first story I posted on here. I feel like I've improved my writing and it's pretty obvious when you read the story. I didn't want to drag this story on longer than needed so I ended it! There will be an epilogue soon. I will be writing another story. There's not much Liam stories out there so I plan on writing one. I've been having some serious Liam feels lately. Anyway, thank you guys so much for you comments, likes and favorites...oh and reads! I wanna thank my friends who were also characters in this story.

Caroline, Juliet, Josie, Janae, Zoe, my lil brother Makai guys are awesome-sauce.

Check out my friends story 'Once upon a New York night'. It's really good and I'm sure you guys would enjoy it.






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