Remember Your Promise -Complete-

“Remember when you left without saying goodbye?” he asked.
“Yes” I replied sadly, remembering it like it was yesterday.
“Promise me you’ll never do it again.”
“I promise”

**KC and Aubrey are best friends and go to London to stay with KC's aunt and celebrate her 18th birthday. What happens when she runs in to an old friend? Does meeting him once again bring back her past sadness or clash with her happy future?**
First Movella...excited!


16. Closure

A/N: There's a flashback in this chapter. Hope you guys like it. Tell me what you think!


*Back at Lou’s house, later that day*

Lou’s POV:

Aubrey and Karmen came into the house with nothing but smiles; I had to ask what was going on. It was about 2 pm so I laid Lux down for a nap and headed to the living room. “So” I said sitting on the couch opposite of Karmen and Aubrey, “How was your stay at Casa de la Direction.” They giggled and looked at each other, giving signals of who would go first. “Zayn’s taking me on a date!” Aubrey burst out. “Aw, I know you’d look cute together.” I said happily. Wow. I’ve known Zayn for a couple years now and he’s never been the type to settle down. Aubrey must be special.  She blushed when I said that, she must really like him. “And you Karmen? You were all teeth when you came in here.” I said to her. She was also happy but I could sense just a little bit of worry in her eyes. “Niall asked me to be his girlfriends” she replied, blushing. “And?” I asked anxiously. “I said yes!” she exclaimed. “Can I talk to you Karmen, in my room?” I asked her. Something was wrong and I needed to know. It was her birthday in some weeks and I didn’t want her to worry. We both walked into my room, she sat at the foot of my bed while I pulled out a chair and sat in front of her. “Karmen, I know something’s bothering you and I want you to talk to me about it. Is it Niall? Or…”                                                                                                                                

  “No, it’s not Niall.”                                                                                                                                                                         

  “Then what it is? You can trust me Karmen.” I reassured her.                                                                                  

    She sighed, “Its Harry”                                                                                                                                                                           Harry? Why was he a problem? I knew they were friends when they were younger but how could her make her upset.                                                                                                                                                                     

   “You knew we were friends…since year four…right?” she asked.  I nodded. “Well, in the middle of year six…we sort of…started dating.” I was shocked, I never noticed. “Karmen, you were twelve. What did you know about dating?” I asked her with a slight smirk on my face, but when I saw a small tear roll down her cheek I dropped it. “I didn’t, but it felt right when I was with him.” “Talk to me about it, I’m here to listen.”                                                                                                                                                                                                 

   “Well, it was a couple months after my twelfth birthday and since I didn’t have many friends for a party, he told me to come over to his house for our own party. Just the two of us…”


“Harry, where are you taking me” I stumbled, with Harry right behind me covering my eyes with his hands. “We’re almost there, just be patient. It’s not that far, we’re only in my house.” He laughed. We stopped and he removed his hands from over my eyes. It was his kitchen, but it was different. It was decorated for my birthday. There was a banner that read ‘Happy Birthday Karmen!’ and it was colored blue and orange, my two favorite colors. There were also blue streamers hanging from the ceiling and two large cupcakes on the counter. “This is for me?!” I exclaimed, in total shock that this could be for me. “Of course” he replied, standing next to me. “Harry, you didn’t ha-…” “Yes I did. You’re my best friend and I wanna see you happy.” He said, nudging me in my arm. I giggled. “Thank you” “No problem. Now let’s eat those cupcakes, I’ve been dying to stuff my face” he said as he took me by the wrist and pulled me towards the counter where the cupcakes were. They were so good.                                                                    

   “Did you make all of this?” I asked, gesturing to the decorations and cupcakes.        

“No, Gemma helped me.”                                                                                                                                          

“Well, you guys did a great job, thanks again.”                                                                                                  

  “Seriously, I don’t mind… guess what?”                                                                                                                             

    “What?” I asked curiously. All of a sudden I feel a glob of ‘something’ on my face. Icing. Harry starts to laugh really hard and I take this as an opportunity. I grab the rest of my cupcake and stuff it in his face. We chase each other around the kitchen for a while; until we get a bit out of breath. We both get cleaned up because Harry says he has another surprise for me. When I’m done washing my face, Harry’s already downstairs waiting for me. I walk downstairs “Harry you really don’t ha-…” “Shh, follow me”

We walk out to his back yard and it was already dark. He handed me a small telescope and pointed to where I should look. “You see that star right there? The big one surrounded by all the little ones?” “Yeah” “That’s your star” I lowered the telescope from my eye and looked at Harry confusingly. “What?” “I ‘adopted’ a star and named it KC, it’s your star.” He said proudly.”KC?” I was confused “Yeah, your initials, its yours.” he replied, gesturing to the star.  “Really?!” I said, so excited that I dropped the telescope, luckily we were on the grass. I hugged him very tight, “Thank you so much, it’s beautiful.” I said, still in our hug. We pulled apart, “I don’t know why you’re so nice to me, I’m no one important.” “You’re important to me.” He said. I could feel my cheeks burn. Harry has always been a good friend, and I knew I could trust him. He was like my ‘home away from home’; he made me feel safe again. “Karmen…” he said, taking my hand in his and squeezing it gently. “We’ve been best friends for a while now…and I was just wondering if…you wanted to…go on a date…with me.” He stammered nervously. I was lost of words “Harry…” I finally chocked out “I don’t know what to say. I mean, we’re only twe-…” He crashed his lips onto mine. I fluttered my eyes closed; the feeling was foreign to me. Maybe because this was my first kiss. He broke the kiss and lightly smiled. I looked him in the eyes, in shock. “Just say yes.” He said, bringing me back to reality. I smiled and nodded. His smile got wider before embracing me in a hug. We stayed there holding each other, for what felt like hours.

*End of Flashback*

“I see how that can worry you but why does that upset y-…”

“Because I left, Lou!” she shrieked, standing up from the bed, “I left him and I never got the chance to say goodbye! I never got any closure.” She continued, sobbing. I held her close and rubbed her back to calm her down. I felt sorry for her. Everybody needs some sort of closure and she never got any.

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