Remember Your Promise -Complete-

“Remember when you left without saying goodbye?” he asked.
“Yes” I replied sadly, remembering it like it was yesterday.
“Promise me you’ll never do it again.”
“I promise”

**KC and Aubrey are best friends and go to London to stay with KC's aunt and celebrate her 18th birthday. What happens when she runs in to an old friend? Does meeting him once again bring back her past sadness or clash with her happy future?**
First Movella...excited!


42. Breaking Point


I awoke and saw Niall sitting at the edge of the bed playing with Lux. I smiled and sat up. He turned to me and then back at Lux, “We have to go in about ten minutes” he muttered. I sighed, “Why didn’t you wake me up sooner?” “I don’t know” he blankly replied. He seems upset about something. I scooted closer to him and cupped his cheek with my hand, bringing it to my direction. “What’s the matter?” I asked with wide worried eyes. He just shook his head and went back to Lux. “Niall plea-…” “It’s nothing alright?” he spat. I got out of bed and reached for Lux, “Well, give her to me if you’re gonna catch an attitude” I said, annoyed, taking Lux from him and leaving his room.

I went downstairs and to the living room where everyone was ready and waiting…for me? Aubrey and I planned on going to their interview and hanging out in the dressing room, but I’m not in the mood. I’m tired, Lux is hungry and for some reason, Niall was being distant. I walked up to Zayn, “Is Lou’s house on the way to the studio?” “No, I don’t think so.” I sighed. “Why? What’s wrong?” Aubrey asked. “I just don’t feel like going anymore.” “I can take you” a quiet raspy voice was heard. I turned my head to learn that it was Harry offering. “I’d rather walk.” I went back upstairs to grab Lux’s bag and my phone, brushing past Niall in the process. I past everyone in the living room before swiftly opening the door and closing it shut behind me. The outside breeze was refreshing, in contrast to the heavy tension in the house. I had Lux’s bag on my left shoulder as I held Lux in my right arm. I gave her a playful kiss on the cheek which made her giggle. The streets leading to Lou’s house were empty, so I was a little on edge when I heard some noises from behind me. I turned back to see a figure pacing towards Lux and I but as quick as I saw it, I turned back to my path. I walked a bit faster and that’s when I ran into a swarm of paparazzi. Great.

I couldn’t think straight with all the questions they were bombarding me with. Lux hid her face in my neck as the bright flashes struck us. “Excuse me!” I yelled. They still crowded us, asking questions about Niall and I. I really didn’t want to talk about that right now. I’m starting to feel nauseas. No, this cannot be happening right now, not with Lux in my arms and no one to help me. I feel my knees give out and my chest get tight. I pass out; the last thing I see is Lux crying next to me and a darkened looming above me.



“Who gave you that?” My grandfather asked, referring to my necklace. “H-Harry did.” He shakes his head and turns to my grandmother. “When did he give you that?” she angrily asked. “Yesterday” I spoke quietly. “Karmen, you need to go back home. That boy, he hurts you.” She calmly says. “No he doesn’t! It’s Cara!” I yell. “Stop defending him and listen! Your grandmother and I already have your ticket, you leave Friday. You are not to see him anymore.” “No!” I yell and storm out of the house. I run to Harry’s and knock on his door, hopefully he’s home. Anne answers the door, “Are you alright?” she asks referring to my fallen tears. “Um, yeah. Is Harry home?” “Yeah, in his room” she says, stepping aside so I can come in. I run up the stairs and to his room. He was sitting on his bed watching TV when I came in. “Harry…” I whisper. “Karmen?” he says standing from the bed. I pace towards him and wrap my arms around him and sob. “What’s the matter?” he asks, embracing me in a protective hug. “Please, just hold me” I sob. He rubs my back, “Alright…alright.”

*End of Dream*

I awoke in a room, a very white room with beeping. My gaze is blurry; I blink a couple to clear my vision. I look to my side to see a chair and someone sitting in it with their face in their hands. “Harry?” I spoke, barely just a whisper. He lifted his head; his eyes were puffy and red. “Karmen…I was so worried.” “What happened?” “I followed you out and when the paps came you had a panic attack. You passed out, I tried to help but they wouldn’t give you any space” he rambled. I mentally slapped myself at the memory. Then I abruptly sat up, “Where’s Lux?” I panicked. “Shh…Calm down” he got up and gently pushed my shoulder down to the bed.

“Lou came back into town after I called her and she has her. They’re in the waiting room.” I nodded, “How long was I out?” “A couple hours, not long.” “And you’ve been waiting in here…the whole time?” He nodded. “Where is everyone else?” I asked. “Since I didn’t go to the interview, none of the guys did. Aubrey and Zayn are out there as well, so are the rest of the boys. Well, except Niall.” Why would Niall not be here? I grunted, “That boy.” He gave me a questioning look, “Is there something wrong?” “Ugh, I don’t know what his deal is. Today before I left he was being distant. Then he had THE NERVE to get an attitude with me” I ranted. “He said he was tired, maybe he just needed some rest.” “Tired my ass” I mumbled which made Harry laugh to himself.


I’ve been in the hospital now for three days now and they’re releasing me today. In those three days everyone has came to visit me EXCEPT NIALL. Even Caroline came to see if I was OK for goodness sakes. I don’t feel too good. Not physically but emotionally. What’s wrong with him, we were perfectly fine one moment and the next he was having a bad attitude. Had I done something wrong? I couldn’t think of anything. I then shamed myself for thinking I had anything to do with this. People had messaged me to see if I was alright; even Eleanor wanted to see if I’d be OK. But I only had one from Niall, ‘How do you feel?’ and even after I replied he gave me no acknowledgment that he received my message. Could this possibly be the breaking point? No! It can’t be, we love each other. Am I overreacting? To the fact that this is our first ‘argument’ and I was nowhere near ready for it. Then again, who is?

“You ready to go?” Harry asked, standing from the chair. Oh and did I mention, Harry is the one taking me back to Lou’s from the hospital. I nodded and followed him outside the hospital and towards his car. For some reason the visit to the hospital took longer than needed. The doctor said I was fine to go home the next day but Harry insisted I stay longer when I caught a slight fever. Thankfully, I’m fine now.

When we had finally got to Lou’s I had found myself disappointed when there weren’t people there to greet. When I say ‘people’ I mean Niall. Aubrey and Zayn were out on a date -.- so they weren’t here, obviously. I hear Lou in Lux’s room, probably putting her to bed. Harry helped me by carrying the things people had given me up to my room. I realized that I can’t be upset with him, not at all. No matter how hard I try to avoid him and leave him in the past where he was to stay, he was here, being a better friend than ever. I checked my phone again and disappointment struck me, no message from Niall. I should have been used to it the past few days but now it’s killing me.

I felt tears prick the corners of my eyes and stream down my face as I sobbed. Harry was over to me in a flash and held me. He didn’t have a reason and seemed to no need one. I cried onto his perfectly adorned shirt. I felt him knock my feet from under me and carry me to my bed, removing my shoes before pulling the blankets over me. My pillow became moist and made me question why I was crying. “Can you stay…p-please?” I asked Harry, not making direct contact. I couldn’t see his expression and didn’t receive an answer but I felt him settle in the bed next to me. He wrapped an arm around me and pulled me close. I rest my head on his chest and seemed to relax with his touch. As it got quieter and I became more restless I found myself giving in to Harry and letting my body melt into his. I absentmindedly entwined our fingers, loving the feeling of his fingers laced with mine for the first time in years. Time passed and I heard soft snores coming from the male presence underneath me. How could I be upset with him when he treats me as if I’m SO important? He treats me as if he loved me. And without letting myself admit it, I slowly started believe that I loved him just as much.

A/N: What's Up?!?! Made this chapter for those Harry/Karmen shippers out there. I have some sad/happy news. I'm going back to my hometown (San Diego, CA) for the summer! BUT I don't think my mom has a computer... i know, she lives in the dark ages. SO I'm going to do the best i can to update regularly and I'm also going to be starting a new story O.o ...after I'm done with this one of course (maybe). I hope you guys have a great summer break and do me a favor...FAVORITE THIS STORY!! please :)


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