Remember Your Promise -Complete-

“Remember when you left without saying goodbye?” he asked.
“Yes” I replied sadly, remembering it like it was yesterday.
“Promise me you’ll never do it again.”
“I promise”

**KC and Aubrey are best friends and go to London to stay with KC's aunt and celebrate her 18th birthday. What happens when she runs in to an old friend? Does meeting him once again bring back her past sadness or clash with her happy future?**
First Movella...excited!


35. Birthday! Part 2

Harry’s POV:

“I believe this belongs to you” I grinned, handing Karmen her first drink. Since we had top floor there were a few tables. We took the largest one and all intently watched Karmen as she was about to take her first sip. Before she drank it, she set the drink back down on the table, “Can you guys NOT stare at me? You’re making me nervous.” There was a round of laughter. “Oh, just drink it already!” Aubrey exclaimed. Karmen rolled her eyes and took her first sip. She slammed her eyes shut, probably because of the strength of the drink. She set it back down before saying, “That is…disgusting” she scoffed. We laughed at her first experience of alcohol.

We all chatted for a while, while Louis and El went to the bar to get more drinks. Aubrey jumped up when ‘you da one’ by Rhianna came blasting through the speakers. “I love this song!” she exclaimed. We all laughed as she tugged Zayn and pulled him to the dance floor.


“Come dance with me” I whispered into Niall’s ear.  He gave me a sad, childlike face, “Do I have to?” he whined. “No,” I said, leaving kisses along his jaw line “But I’d really appreciate it” I finished, leaving a kiss at the corner of his mouth. He turned his head so I’d catch his lips in mine. I smiled into the kiss and pulled away. I gave him a ‘puppy dog’ face before saying, “Please.” He playfully sighed then got up and gestured for me to take his hand and I did.

So when I asked Niall to dance with me, I didn’t mean have a full blown make out session at the far end of the club. But hey, I don’t mind. Gosh, this boy makes me melt. He’s holding me close and I’m holding him just as tight as our lips mesh together. We only stop, seconds at a time, to catch our breath.

Aubrey’s POV:

I’m not completely wasted, I’ve only had two drinks and I can feel it coursing through my veins. I don’t usually dance, but I left it to my drinks to work their magic. My backside is firmly pressed to Zayn’s front as I move my hips to the beat. His hands slide from my bare waist, to my hips as I continuously grind myself into him. When the end of the chorus came, I turned around to face him and wrapped my arms around his neck. “My love is your love; your love is my love” I mumbled against his neck as I placed soft kisses to the smooth skin. I brushed my lips over his protruding vein, feeling his pulse quicken with my touch. I removed my head from his neck to look at Zayn. I was pleased to see his eyes closed and his mouth agape. I brushed my fingers along his cheek, which made him open his eyes and smile down to me. Even though I was wearing four inch heels, I was still considerably shorter than Zayn. He erratically pressed his lips to mine in a heated kiss. A moan emitting from the back of his throat as he desperately rocked his hips into mine, making me gasp.

I giggled at his disappointed expression as I pulled away. I then sweetly kissed his cheek, which made him heartedly smile. He grabbed my hand and sponged a kissed to the back of it, “Let’s go sit down” he said, leading me back to our seating area.  

Niall’s POV:

When the song ended I pulled my lips away from KC’s. She whimpered at the loss of contact. For some reason I couldn’t divert my attention away from her beautiful face. We stood there holding each other, staring into each other’s eyes. The corner of my mouth tugged into a smirk as I noticed her lips were redder than usual. I put that to our heated activity. I reached up and ran my thumb over her bottom lip before going over her top one. She innocently kissed the pad of my thumb. I can feel myself getting excited. I need to sit down! I kissed her cheek and told her I was going to sit down, even though she insisted on another dance. “Oh come on, Niall, we didn’t even dance to that song.” She whined, tugging me back to where we once stood. “Last song, I promise.” I said, placing I kiss to her forehead. “Alright, but you better feel bad about leaving me to dance by myself.” Just then I saw Harry holding a drink heading back to the table. “Look!” I said grabbing him and bringing him to us. “Harry’s here, now you can dance with him.” “Wait, what? I was just going to give Juliet her drink.” He said. I knocked his arm with my elbow, making him drop the drink. “Oops, I’ll go and get you another one, why don’t you dance with KC while you wait?” I rapidly said. “Okay?” he questioned. I walked away, giving a ‘thumbs up’ as I looked back. I seriously need to chill out for a bit.

Harry’s POV:

I already knew what was up with Niall. I was humored that he couldn’t contain it, but I couldn’t blame him, Karmen looked great. We danced to a couple songs, one of my favorites being ‘Thrift shop’ by Macklemore and Ryan Lewis. “If you ever leave me baby,” the speakers started to play ‘It will rain’ by Bruno Mars. The mood changes quickly. I glanced around the dance floor to see couples holding each other and swaying to the rhythm of the music. I saw El and Louis, and Liam and Danielle join the floor as well. “W-we should go a-and sit down” I stammered, not trying to make the situation anymore awkward than it already is. “It’s just a dance, Harry” Karmen said, lightly laughing at the situation.  As she rests her hands on my shoulders I rest mine on her waist. I kept them high, not wanting to cross any boundaries.

As we were dancing, I glanced over to our table and saw Juliet eying us, giving us a nasty look. I don’t know what her problem has been lately, it’s just a dance. I rolled my eyes and brought my attention back to Karmen. She caught Juliet’s looks too and brought her attention to me as well, shaking her head and smiling. “You don’t like her much, do you?” she inquired. “I-I do, just lately she’s been having a bad attitude with me. I don’t know what her deal is.” “Have you tried talking to her?” I gave her the ‘no duh’ look. “How long have you two been together?” she asks, moving a piece of hair from her face, then resting her hand back on my shoulder. “We’ve been seeing each other for almost two weeks.” “Have you ever thought that she doesn’t want to be ‘a girl you seeing’? Maybe she wants to be something more.” I never really thought of Juliet as being ‘anything more’. She was a pretty face, no doubt about that, but she wasn’t really a ‘girlfriend’ to me. “No, I haven’t. I’m not ready for a girlfriend.” I said shaking my head, making some curls fall over my forehead before I swept them back.”And why is that?” she asked. The music is still playing “every day it’ll rain, rain, RAIN” it sung.

“I don’t know, “I shrugged “I haven’t had one in a while and there’s just no time.” “No time? The other boys seem to pull it off very well, so that can’t be the reason” she pressed. She wanted an answer and knowing Karmen, she’s not going to stop until she gets one. “Well, I haven’t had a relationship in while so I guess I wouldn’t know what to do.” “Aww,” she ruffled my hair, “don’t be bothered by it. When you find someone, you’ll know. It takes time.”


It’s strange. Talking to Harry about these things when he’s probably more experienced than I am and I’m not completely comfortable with it. We’re still dancing to ‘It will rain’ and I’m really starting to like this song more and more. “Yeah, I don’t know, she just doesn’t seem like ‘that’ girl. A lot of them haven’t been lately.” He seems sad, I can understand why. That was me about a month ago, before then I hadn’t had a decent relationship since Harry and that was years ago. “What happened to the cheeky chap I knew?” I said, poking at his cheek to make that adorable dimple appear. He sighed, “He gave up.”

“You sound like you’ve had so many heartbreaks.” I giggled. He laughed along. “How many?” I asked. “Just one.” He blankly replied. “Then how come you think this way? She couldn’t of been that special, Harry” I teased. “She was” he smiled. “How long ago.” I narrowed my eyes. “Eh, about four years ago.” He says nonchalantly. That’s when I knew he was speaking of me. I suddenly felt less confident in my actions. “I-I left five years ago, Harry.” I corrected, dropping my head, feeling nervous. I felt him lean into my ear and say with his raspy voice, “It took me a while…to mend myself. To finally accepted that you were gone, and you weren’t coming back.” I felt him wince at his own words as I lifted my head. “B-but you are here now a-and things are different now.” I leaned up and placed a small kiss on the crease that was forming between his eyebrows, from his frowning. He seemed surprised yet relieved at the same time. “It just takes time.” I said, giving him a gently squeeze of the arm before walking away.

Harry’s POV:

She was right, it did take time. Except the timing was off. It had been a couple of years since I had ‘recovered’ from her leaving. Then she came back, but she came in a different form, a different Karmen. She was ‘KC’, but not to me. No matter whom she thought she was or who she had transformed too, she’d always be Karmen to me. The girl that I-ever since the day I met her- had the need to protect. But now, who is she to me? She no longer needs me to protect her; she no longer needs me to be her friend. I feel useless but I still stay around. Why? There’s a feeling building inside me and it’s been growing for a while, it needs to go away, before it causes trouble.

“Hey!” I hear someone yell after me. I turn to see Juliet stalking towards me, with a not so happy expression on her face. “I see you got a drink” I say, pointing to the cup in her hand. “Yeah, since somebody, who said they’d get me one, didn’t” she firmly replied. “Niall needed me t-…” “Oh really? That’s funny because Niall’s at the table, but I do seem to remember you with KC not too long ago.” “That’s what I was saying. Niall got a bit…dizzy, so he asked if I’d dance with Karmen while he chills out for a while.” She still had an unconvinced expression on her face. “I know what’s going on between you two” she mumbled to herself, barely audible. “There’s nothing going on.” I shook my head. I can’t even convince myself let alone another person. “I see it,” she said “you love her” she confirmed to herself. “N-no, I don’t…well not in that way. She’s just my friend.” “But you don’t like it that way, do you? You want it to be something more. I can see it, Harry, in your eyes.” How could she think this? “P-please…stop.” She rest her hand on my cheek, it was comforting me. Why was she comforting me? “Your eyes, they’re green right?” I nodded. “But not when she’s around, they grow brighter, a luminous emerald.” She says, brushing her thumb over my now closed eyelid. “Please” I begged. She’s making it worse. I can’t love Karmen…I just…can’t. “It’s alright, Harry, I’ll go. We can still talk to each other if you’d like, but I see you have higher priorities, and I can accept that.” She left a gentle kiss on my cheek before giving me a warming smile and walking away and out of the club.

Can never get it right

No matter how hard I try

And I try

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