Remember Your Promise -Complete-

“Remember when you left without saying goodbye?” he asked.
“Yes” I replied sadly, remembering it like it was yesterday.
“Promise me you’ll never do it again.”
“I promise”

**KC and Aubrey are best friends and go to London to stay with KC's aunt and celebrate her 18th birthday. What happens when she runs in to an old friend? Does meeting him once again bring back her past sadness or clash with her happy future?**
First Movella...excited!


50. A new guy

A/N: There's been some confusion. Aubrey's Ex is Jacob NOT Jordan. My bad


“Why are you packing?” Harry asks. “I thought we were leaving tomorrow…” “Our first concert is at the O2…it’s not that far” he laughs. I huff, rolling my eyes.

The boys’ tour starts tomorrow and I’m kind of nervous. I’ve never been to a concert, let alone a whole tour!

I’ve been calling my mom and talking to her more frequently while my dad seems to be working moreL. I text Aubrey every day and I miss her. Josie would come over day to day and see how I’m doing. But I’m extra excited right now because I’m about to skype Aubrey!

“Harry can I use your laptop?’ “What for?” “I wanna skype Aubrey.” He hands me the computer, I log onto skype and ‘call’ her. I sit on his bed and Harry sits next to me with a bag of pretzels. I don’t mind, I just keep the camera angled on me. “KC!” “Aubrey! Wait, I can’t see you.” “Oh haha my camera’s off.” Harry shakes his head. “Aubrey! Your hair is lighter!” I exclaim. It definitely was and her skin was tanner too. “Oh yeah, there was a club fair. It went on for hours! It was really hot” “Really?! What clubs did you join?” “Um, Spanish club, for you of course. Drama club and…OMG guess what club they had?!” I sighed, “If you say One Direction, I swear…” Harry lightly laughed next to me. “No! I love Brits club!” “Oh gosh…”

 “And guess who joined” she said, pointing to herself. I laughed. “Speaking of ‘loving Brits’ how are you and…” I stopped her on her tracks when I turned the computer screen towards Harry. “Harry!” she exclaimed, obviously shocked that he was sitting right next to me. He just waved. I brought the screen back to me and gave her wide eyes that said ‘shut your face’.

“Have you met any new people?” I asked. “Yeah. This girl Everlina (ever-lee-nuh). We met at the club fair, she’s in the ‘I love Brits’ club as well. AHHHHHH!!!”

 “What happened? What’s wrong?”

 “You will not GUESS who I saw walking around here the other day.” She looked annoyed, stressed and angry.  “Who?”


 “I swear if he even thinks about you I will personally kick his ass!”

“Language!” Harry says, nudging my arm.

“Can I call you later? Someone’s at the door.”

“Alright bye!” and I ended the call.

“I have a secret…” Harry says, leaning into my hair. I wait for him to say something for about five seconds. All of a sudden he starts crunching on his pretzels…in my ear. I push him away, laughing.


Later that day Aubrey called back and asked me about the situation between Niall and Harry. I told her everything that happened and what I told them both. She told me to follow my heart and I thought it was incredibly cliché and lame. I told her that my heart was on hold and that, at the moment, resides with no one.


Their concert at the O2 seemed pretty cool. I wouldn’t have known, I stayed in the dressing room with Lou the entire time. Ear piercing screams nearly shattered my ear drums. I know it must be hard for Lux to endure the volume. I’m exhausted and I can see that Lou and Lux are as well. Too bad for Lou, she still has to work. I take Lux from her because she seems tired. Lou gives me a thankful smile and I walk over to the sofa to lay us both down. I lay on my back with Lux on top of me, resting her head on my chest. I have my arms wrapped around her so she wouldn’t roll off.

I awoke to cackling throughout the room. I opened my eyes and looked down my body and saw a blanket draped over Lux and I. My chest felt extremely sticky. I sat up with Lux still in my arms and saw that she drooled all over my shirt. “Ew…” I mumbled to myself. Lou giggled and took Lux from my arms. I took the covers off of me and swung my legs over the edge of the couch. I pinched at the white t and brought it away from my chest. I looked up and saw all the guys looking at me with wide eyes. I grunted and got up from the couch and headed toward the bathroom. Of course the boys were laughing.

“Lou, I don’t have a change of shirts” I called from the bathroom. She cracked the door open and passed me a shirt. I opened it up to see it was a One Direction concert shirt. Great. “Very funny” I call sarcastically. I sigh and leave out of the bathroom.

“Our new biggest fan!” Liam exclaimed. I stuck my tongue out at him and the boys all laughed. “Let’s get a picture!” Lou exclaimed. “Oh we don’t ha-…” Before I could finish, the boys were crowded around me. They all pointed at my shirt and I just had an irritated look on my face when Lou took the picture. She sent it to all of our phones and of course, the boys posted them on twitter. Luckily I don’t have mine anymore, I bet their tweets are annoying! JK.

When we arrived to the boys’ the boys talked about celebrating because it was the start of their new tour. We all agreed on going to a pub, which I don’t know what that is. Is it like a bar? I guess I’m going to get dressed for a bar.


Lou and I went home to get changed. Lux was staying with a friend.

I wore a sheer sleeveless button up turquoise blouse and black high waist skinny jeans with the blouse tucked in. I paired the outfit with my brown ankle boots. I had already taken a shower so my hair was its natural curliness. I ran some leave-in conditioner through it after it dried so it wouldn’t frizz.

“I’m ready Lou” I call as I jog down the steps and meet her at the front door. “You look nice” she says. “Thanks, same to you” I reply, admiring her blouse and complementing jeans. As we left the house and walked to the car I wondered how it was like partying with the guys. Of course I’ve done it once before but that was for my birthday… and I wasn’t single. When we got situated in the car and started driving Lou turned down the radio. “KC, I don’t usually go out with the boys, so I can’t tell you what to expect.” “What do you mean?” “I’m saying, if it goes bad don’t blame it on me” he laughed. I playfully batted her arm and rolled my eyes.

We arrived to the ‘pub’ and it was nice. You had to be on ‘the list’ to get in and I felt so special walking in there with no problem. The interior was even better. Even though it was dim lit, it was obvious to see a decent crowd of people on a dance floor. There was also a few tables and a huge bar area. One thing that really caught me eye was the stage. Live entertainment? So cool! I would have the same enthusiasm with the boys but I REALLY like amateur artists. They’re new and inviting.

“I see you eyeing the stage” Lou nudged as we approached the boys. I ignored her humor. “Hey guys!” I greeted as I saw them sat around the table. “Hey KC, Lou” Liam says. “You clean up well” Zayn joked. I thumped his head and rolled my eyes. I know he’s just cracking jokes because…he’s sad. Sad that Aubrey isn’t here, I am too.

“Tonight is ‘open mic night’ so if any of you want to volunteer, you’re welcome to take the stage.”

That sounds fun! Listening to others sing! I sat down with the other boys but I actually wanted to try and go on stage. Just not alone. Bravery mode: On. I got up and grabbed Harry by the wrist and dragged him across the room. I took him up on stage and went to the band to whisper our song selection. Harry stood in front of his mic stand, as did I. He gave me a confused look. He then smiled once the tune started to play and I winked at him before we both started to sing.

Lean On Me by Bill Withers

Sometimes in our lives 
We all have pain 
We all have sorrow 
But if we are wise 
We know that there's always tomorrow 

Lean on me, when you're not strong 
And I'll be your friend 
I'll help you carry on 
For it won't be long 
'Til I'm gonna need 
Somebody to lean on

Please swallow your pride 
If I have things you need to borrow 
For no one can fill those of your needs 
That you won't let show

I started clapping to the beat and everyone else joined in.

You just call on me brother, when you need a hand (Chorus)
We all need somebody to lean on 
I just might have a problem that you'd understand 
We all need somebody to lean on

Second Verse

If there is a load you have to bear 
That you can't carry 
I'm right up the road 
I'll share your load 
If you just call me
Call me (if you need a friend)
Call me (call me)
Call me (if you need a friend)
Call me (if you ever need a friend)
Call me (call me)
Call me 
Call me (if you need A friend)

When we finished people on the dance floor, bar, tables, pretty much everyone was clapping. I looked towards Harry smiling. He came to me, embraced me in a hug and twirled me around. “That was great!” he said, setting me down and letting go of our hold. I just smiled, unable to find the right words to describe the situation.

“I didn’t know you could sing” Zayn teased as we both made our way back to our table. “Trust me, neither did I.” “Well, it was really good” Liam commented. “That was so good Karmen,” Lou stood from her seat and hugged me, “I’m proud of you…for taking a chance” she whispered. I nodded.

“I feel so loved” Harry joked, laying a hand over his heart and pretending to feel hurt. I ruffled his hair, “Don’t forget Harry was up there with me too” I told everyone.

There were mumbles of sarcasm coming from others relating to,

‘Great’ ‘Obviously’ ‘we’ve heard him sing before’ ‘that’s something new’

“Hey!” Harry exclaims, offended.

Niall’s POV:

“I think that calls for a drink!” Lou exclaims. “Come on, Karmen.”

Lou and KC went to the bar to order more drinks. Harry sat down next to me. I nudged his arm, “Nice song choice.” “Thanks” he mumbled.

Harry and I haven’t really talked since the whole KC situation. We both try and break the awkward tension but our simple compliments never lead to anything.

I watch as Lou and KC sit on bar stools next to each other and order a few drinks. I scan the room and see this guy…well a couple of guys. He whispers in the others ear and points towards the bar, towards…KC? Okay I’m not getting jealous, calm yourself Niall. It’s just, these guys look a bit sketchy and if any guy was going to be in her life, they need to be there for her. Something that I failed miserably at.

I watch as the guy nods and gives some sort of ‘bro hug’ to his mate before approaching her, sitting on the bar stool on the other side of her.


I was sitting next to Lou as she ordered drinks when someone tapped my shoulder. “Excuse me?” they said. I turned my head to see a guy smirking at me. “Wow, you really are pretty” he said, almost in confirmation. I’m pretty?! No! He’s pretty! Can guys be pretty?

He had dark brown, short, wavy hair and a VERY nice pair eyes. Sort of gray in a way. I should probably say something. “Thanks…you’re pretty too.” I quickly covered my mouth because of how stupid I sound. He chuckled, “Funny too.” I dropped my hand and giggled. Someone laid their hand on my shoulder, I turned and saw Lou. She slid me my drink and winked at me, “I’ll leave you to it” she said and walked back to the table with a few drinks in hand.

“What’s your name beautiful?”

Me? Beautiful? Ok then.

“Karmen.” Wow, first time in a long time I actually introduced myself by my real name. “I’m Trevor” he said. “Nice to meet you Trevor” I smiled. “Same. So what’s a pretty girl like you doing at a pub on her own?” I blushed; “Actually I’m here with a few of my friends” I nodded over his shoulder to the guys and Lou. He turned his head to get a look before turning back to me. “Any of them your boyfriend?” he asked, taking a sip of a drink he had nursed for a while. “No” I giggled. “So that means I have a chance.” “Let’s just see how this night ends” I smile.

“You’re not from here, are you?” “No, I’m from the states.” “I thought so. If all the girls over there were like you, I think I’d go there more often.” I giggle and blush at his cliché remark.

.Trevor and I talk for a while and I’ve gone through my whole drink. “Would you like another?” “No, I don’t want you buy-…” “It’s no problem” he smiled and ordered two more drinks. After that other drink I felt all giggly and loose. “You wanna dance?” he asks. I nod, stand from my stool and grab him by the hand leading him to the dance floor. “Cockiness” by Rhianna is blaring through the speakers and I just shake my head at the inappropriate song choice.

We face each other and start dancing. I was confused when he abruptly stopped. “What’s wrong?” I asked. He nervously scratched the back of his neck, biting his lip. Damn that was sexy. “Your hips are VERY persuading” he smirks. I smile and step closer to him. I take his hands and place them on my hips swaying them to the beat again. “You like that” I whisper into his ear making him groan.

Where in the world is all this confidence coming from?

Oh yeah…alcohol.

He takes advantage of this situation and brings me even closer to him, our fronts firmly pressed together. I look around the room and see that many people are now dancing. I even see some of the guys here on the floor.

I wrap my hands around Trevor’s neck and bring his face down to the crook of my neck. “The song is so dirty” he says into my neck. “Only if you have a dirty mind” I giggle, running my lips over his neck before planting a kiss to it. “Don’t worry, I do.” I gasp as he lowers his hold and firmly squeezes my backside.

He starts leaving wet kisses down my neck making me whimper. He nudged my head to the side with his to gain more access. I bit my bottom lip, trying to suppress my grabbled moan as he left a love bite at the base of my neck.

He works his way back up until he plants his lips on mine. The kiss was sloppy and…drunk. I guess I do ‘not me’ things when I’m drunk.

Wait. Am I drunk? I had like two drinks. But they were pretty strong but tasty none the less. I guess you can say I’m tipsy, sounds about right.

He glides his tongue into my mouth and I let him. I let him take control of the situation because; right now I’m a bit dazed.

The song slowly fades away and Trevor and I pull apart.

Good, because I don’t know how much more of ‘sucking cockiness’ and ‘licking persuasion’ I can take

Ya nasty (That’s so Raven)

He smirks as I bring my thumb up and wipe the ‘excess’ off of my lips.

“What if I said I wanted to take you back to my place?” he enquires in a deep voice.

“I’d say you’d have to get to know me better before getting inside my pants.”

He chuckled at my smart remark. “But a number is always possible” I added with a smile. He fished his phone out of his back pocket and gave it to me. I typed in my number and gave him back his phone.

I and he were gonna start back making out but…

“It’s time to go.” I turn to see Liam with a stern look on his face. I groan and turn back to Trevor, “I gotta go, ‘Dads’ whisking me away” I joke. “Call me anytime” I whisper before walking away.


“We need to talk.”

We had left the pub and the boys went back to there’s and Lou and I went to hers.

“Ok, what’s up?” I ask as I plop down on the couch.

“I’m not against you having your fun and all but you need to tone it down.”

“What do you mean?” I innocently implied.

“Tonight. I didn’t mind you chatting with that guy but I just want you to be careful.”

“I will.”

“You know Niall still has feelings for you right?”

I sighed, “Yes and it’s not like I don’t feel the same way. I’m just trying to move on.”

“Why? If you care about each other why not give it another shot?”

“I don’t want a relationship right now. I just want to discover more options before I commit to anything.”

She nods understandingly “You know, I think Harry might like you as well.”

Gosh, thanks for reminding me -_-

“He loves me” I mumbled, not really wanting her to hear.

“What was that?”

“He um, he said he loved me.”

She gulped, “Wow, that’s a lot to grasp. Well…do you feel the same way?”

Í faked a yawn and got up from the couch, “So tired…”


“Time to go to bed!” I exclaimed, not answering her question.

“Karmen!” she called as I dashed upstairs.

“What! Can’t hear you, we’re breaking up.”

“We’re not even on the phone!”

“Oh no, I lost you!” I said before slamming my door shut.

A/N: You guys definitely deserved this lengthy chapter. Sorry if there's any grammar errors! 


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