Remember Your Promise -Complete-

“Remember when you left without saying goodbye?” he asked.
“Yes” I replied sadly, remembering it like it was yesterday.
“Promise me you’ll never do it again.”
“I promise”

**KC and Aubrey are best friends and go to London to stay with KC's aunt and celebrate her 18th birthday. What happens when she runs in to an old friend? Does meeting him once again bring back her past sadness or clash with her happy future?**
First Movella...excited!


12. A Kiss and A Friend

Zayn’s POV:

“Ugh, I lost track of time, we have to go.” Aubrey said, lifting herself up off the floor. I quickly grabbed her wrist and lightly tugged her back down. “Do you guys have to go?” I asked, smirking at her, making her blush. She looked at KC questioningly, who was cuddled up with Niall. She looked like she didn’t want to leave; KC shrugged her shoulders “I’ll have to text Lou to see if it’ll be ok If we stayed.” She said, pulling out her phone. Minutes after she sent the text, her phone vibrated “Yeah, she said we could stay.” “Well, you ladies have fun, I’m going to bed.” Louis exclaimed, kissing KC and Aubrey on the forehead and heading upstairs. “Only one problem, “Aubrey started to say. “We don’t have any night clothes.” “We can always sleep commando!” Harry exclaimed, laughing. KC laughed along with him, “We’re not like you Harry.” KC laughed.

“Come on, follow me.” I said as I got up and grabbed Aubrey’s hand, leading her. “I’m just gonna get you some clothes” I added, speaking to the others more than to her.  We walked in to my room; I went to my drawer and grabbed one of my large t-shirts, then I handed it to her. “No pants?” she asked sarcastically, smiling. “Do you need them?” I replied with the same tone of voice she was using. “I guess not.” She said. She just stood there, waiting and I didn’t know what for. “Can you…turn around or something, so I can change?” She demanded more than asked. “Uh, yeah. Sorry” I said as I turned around, getting my own night clothes out of the drawer. I can hear her unzipping her pants and faintly unbuttoning her blouse, but I try to ignore it by pulling my shirt over my head.  I change into some sweats, not caring to put on a shirt, but since we had guests I put a black tank on. I could still hear her shuffling around, and then it stops. “You done?” I asked, curious to why the noise had stopped. “Y-yeah” she replied. I turned around to see her wearing my white shirt. It stopped a little above mid-thigh and was kind of see-through, so I could faintly see her lacy turquoise bra. I was staring at her body because my eyes wouldn’t allow me to look anyplace else.

“My eyes are up here” she said, giggling and waving two fingers slightly in my gaze. I looked down “Sorry” cheeks turning red from embarrassment. She stepped closer to me, lifting my chin up with her hand.  “It’s fine.” She said blankly, looking me straight in the eyes. “Would it be wrong if I kissed you?” I asked, nervous of her answer. “No, not at all.” She said. I pulled her closer to me by her waist, leaned in, and kissed her…gently. She wrapped her hands around my neck, deepening the kiss, but not too much. After some seconds, she pulled away and smiled, “We should go back downstairs,” she started, nervously, with crimson cheeks. “The others are probably worried.” “Agreed” With that, we walked back downstairs with the others.


While Aubrey was in Zayn’s room, it was Harry, Niall and I in the living room. After telling about my promise ring, things between Harry and I got a bit awkward, but not to the point where I didn’t talk to him. It was just weird, being in a room by myself with my current love interest and the one I promised to always love. Awkward. I reached over to Harry and grabbed his hand, nothing. Then I hooked by index finger in the collar of his shirt, pulled it down and peeked inside, still nothing. “What are you doing?” he asked, chuckling. “Where’s your ring?” I answered his question with my own. He smiled, and reached in his back pocket pulling out his keys. “Here” he said handing me his key chain. I handed it back to him “Just making sure.”He opened his mouth to say something but Zayn and Aubrey walked in the room. Aubrey, half naked! Just kidding, but seriously where are these girls’ pants?

“I guess I need night clothes too” I suggested. “Ouuu, follow me! I wanna show you something” Harry exclaimed, grabbing hold of my wrist and tugging me upstairs. He took me into his room, one of many in the long corridor. He opened the door and turned on the light, it was surprisingly clean. “Close your eyes.” He said with such enthusiasm in his voice. I did as I was told, I could hear him rummage through a drawer and pull something out. “Alright, now open them.” He said. I did and in front of me he held up a very familiar shirt. It was the shirt we wore together on ‘twin day’ at our school. We were ‘Siamese twins’ (conjoined twins), so we decided to buy this really big gray, long-sleeved shirt and decorate it. It fit perfectly on the both of us when we were eleven but now it could only fit on one. It still had the ‘K’ and ‘H’ on it. I smiled. “I can’t believe you still have this.” I said as I took it in my hands. “Well I’m gonna wait in the hallway while you change.” He said. I nodded. I took my clothes off and slipped the old shirt on. It stopped mid-thigh and was hanging far off my shoulders. We had to cut the neck whole wide enough to fit both our heads in. So you could see my black, lacy bra strap and naked shoulder. Luckily it was long-sleeved, so that when we wake up, no one would notice my scars.

I walked out of his room and saw Harry leaning against the wall next to the door. “You’re do-…Whoa.” He paused “Um, do you need anything else?” he finished, nervously. He kind of just stared at me for a couple seconds; I guess waiting for an answer. “Uh, no.” I replied, adjusting the shirt so that my shoulder was covered, it didn’t work. We walked back the living room and Niall’s eyes were on me. I didn’t care either. I sat down next to him, being careful not to expose my ‘private’ areas. I knew he was still eying me. So I turned to him and put my lips to his ear “You know…it’s not very polite to stare” I whispered. As I pulled away, Niall’s face started to turn a burning red of embarrassment, I took his hand in mine and smiled, just to show him that I was only kidding.

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