Not To Deep.

"I'm no one. I'm worthless." I said as I pulled out the sharp blade."You can't do anything right.Everyone hates you." I cried.I faced the blade towards me,showing my reflection."Ugly whore,just pitiful." I said mimicking the words of others.
I know who I am and I know who I'm not,I guess I just listen to what others think of me.
A strike of pain shook through my body.I let out a silent scream of both pain and pleasure.
"Remember.." I thought. "Not Too Deep."


8. Whats Going On!

Alexa's POV.

Did Louis just wink at her?No..No he as just blinking is all.

Later in study hall Louis would hardly speak to us.

"Lou." Liam said.Louis looked up.

"What?" He said in a aggressive tone.

Liam looked stunned."Whats you're problem?You were fine all day."

Louis leaned back in his chair,"It's nothing,I'm just annoyed."

I looked at him.He didn't want to look me in the eyes.I could tell by the way he forced his eyes away from mine.

"Is it that thing that you were going to tell me earlier?" 

His head shot up."Oh that..."

I lowered my eyebrows."What is it?"

He sighed and lowered his chair to the floor."Elena..."

"Elena Smith!?" He nodded.That name rotted in my mind.I hated her more than anything in the world.

"Well this morning,We started to talk and..."

Zayn looked away from his book and listened.

"She said she really liked me..I told her I did to."

No...Not again.Please don't say what I think you're going to say Lou..

"So me and her are dating now.She's very nice and I think you guys will like her."

My heart ached.I thought he loved me?

Zayn looked happy and a bit angry.I think Zayn knew what I was feeling,Louis absolutely knew what I was feeling.

Louis looked over at me.His smile made me want to cry."Whats wrong,Ally?" Louis said.

My heart broke in half.Ally?He knew I hated that nickname!

I shook my head.He knew what was wrong...


(Sorry it was short I'll update later.Its 1 in the morning and I forgot to finish the rest of this chapter so I thought I'd update.How do you think Alexa will coupe with this? Why would Louis do this after all they've been through? What will happen to they're friendship?COMMENT THOUGHTS AND IDEAS! Also I need names and ideas for my story 'Before You Leave Me Today.' They'll find out the gender soon so help with the gender and name!.xx)





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