Not To Deep.

"I'm no one. I'm worthless." I said as I pulled out the sharp blade."You can't do anything right.Everyone hates you." I cried.I faced the blade towards me,showing my reflection."Ugly whore,just pitiful." I said mimicking the words of others.
I know who I am and I know who I'm not,I guess I just listen to what others think of me.
A strike of pain shook through my body.I let out a silent scream of both pain and pleasure.
"Remember.." I thought. "Not Too Deep."


11. Swimming.


Alexa's POV

Harry and Zayn looked for bathing suits in his mess of a room while I slipped on mine.It was so pretty.I wasn't the showing type of person but this was to cute to pass up.

Its showed my scars but that's why I bought water proof cover up.

I smiled in delight.For once I actually liked the way I looked.

"Hey Lex?" Zayn said through the door."Yeah?" I answered.

He walked in and frowned."hmm." He said.

I sighed."What is it...?" 

"Its a bit..showy." I chuckled.

"And what are you implying?" I said crossing my arms.

"Oh nothing! Nothing.But if any of the boys look at you in anyway.They're gone..." I shook my head.

"What ever you say,dad..."

We walked down stairs and out to the pool.We had a big pool that could go so deep it got to dark to see.Harry was blowing up a swimmy,probably for Zayn.

"Haha! Is that for Zayn?" I asked. Zayn scoffed and walked in to the shallow end.

"Yeah.I'm sure he'll need-" Harry looked at me stopping dead in his tracks.

He never acted like this before...

"Whats wrong?" Harry's eyes were plastered on me.He came out of the daze and smiled.

"N-nothing..You're just"

"Finish the sentence and I'll wring your neck." Zayn said.Harry gulped and looked down ashamed.

"Hey guys!" I heard a Irish voice scream."We brought pool toys and snacks!" He said with a smile.

Niall gave me a nice big bear hug,lifting me in the air.Me and Niall we're good friends but we stopped hanging out for some reason."You look so nice,Alexa. I love the bow." He joked.

Harry's jaw dropped."Oh but he gets to compliment her?!" He said a bit jealous.

"Yeah,Because Niall stopped at just a compliment.You would have said more things." Zayn said opening the bag of pretzels Liam and Niall had brought.

"I think someones a bit jealous." Liam said with a chuckle.

"Whatever.." Harry said walking to the edge of the pool and sinking his feet into the shallow part of the pool.

"So! Where's Lou?" Liam said.

I felt my heart sink."We didn't invite him." Harry said.

"Why?" Niall asked.The boys weren't in on the whole thing that happened after class.

"He had somewhere to be.." Zayn lied.I gave a weak smile to him and he nodded.

"Well come on boys! lets hop in!" Niall said running and jumping in getting water all over Harry.Harry laughed evilly and swam in after him.

I smiled at the boys.They always made me feel better just watching them be the idiots they are.I walked over to the chair in the sun and sat down.I needed a tan before I dared to get in the cold pool."Hey Lex!"Niall screamed. I put on my sunglasses and smiled.

"Yes Nialler?" I always had little nicknames for the boys.

"Come in!Its nice!" I chuckled.

"When I get a tan I will!" I tan pretty easily so this wont take long.I lathered myself with tanning lotion.I was massaging it in my legs when I heard Zayn yell,"Hey! Harry!Eyes off of her!"

Harry once again was staring at me.He bit his lip and went back to squirting liam with a water gun.

I laid in the sun for about 10 minutes when I felt strong arms grab me."Time for a dip!" I screamed and laughed.

"Haz you put me down right now!" I screamed.I wrapped my legs around him when I knew he was going to jump in.

The cold water surrounded my body.I rose to the surface and wiped the water from my eyes.Harry was doing his little innocent smile."Hi." He said like a child.I splashed water at him and chuckled.

"Your 'n' ass!" I screamed.

Harry laughed."I know!" 

Niall swam over to me and handed me a gun."Your on me and Harry's team." I smiled.

"Alright!" Suddenly I felt something underneath me.Two arms wrapped around my legs and broad shoulders sat underneath my bum.

"Lets do this!" Harry said balancing me on his shoulders.


Back and forth the water went.It was probably the most fun I've had! It defiantly took my mind off of Lou.

It was getting dark and the boys had to leave.I kissed both Niall and Liam on the cheek."See you guys tomorrow!"I shouted.

 Harry came up behind me."What about me?Do I get a kiss?" He said with a smirk.I giggled and kissed his cheek.

"See you tomorrow,Lover boy." I gave him a long hug and he walked along with the other boys.

Today.I felt happy.

(IM SORRY I HAVN'T WRITTEN! I've been so busy lately!But I'm making a new story.Its a Harry story obviously and It like a Dark Harry fanfic.I like it so far.Maybe I'll post it tomorrow...But THANKS GUYS I LOVE YOU!! :DDD)



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