Not To Deep.

"I'm no one. I'm worthless." I said as I pulled out the sharp blade."You can't do anything right.Everyone hates you." I cried.I faced the blade towards me,showing my reflection."Ugly whore,just pitiful." I said mimicking the words of others.
I know who I am and I know who I'm not,I guess I just listen to what others think of me.
A strike of pain shook through my body.I let out a silent scream of both pain and pleasure.
"Remember.." I thought. "Not Too Deep."


9. I can't believe you...

Zayn's Pov.

I could see that Alexa was about to cry but she put on a smile just to please Louis.

"Louis..." She started to say.He smiled at her.He knew exactly what he was doing."I'm so happy g-guys." She said with a stutter. Louis chuckled.

"I'm glad! I need my best friend's approval you know." He said patting her back.

I have a feeling that this is all my fault..


Harry's POV.

I can't believe him.He knows that she loves him! I swear to god he's becoming a asshole.And why Elena? Elena is a total bitch and shes a bully...

Alexa looked at me and her smile faded.I nodded showing I knew how she felt.

The bell rang and we walked out of the class. Alexa pushed by all of us to her locker.I could feel my heart crumble for her.

I love her more than anything in the world.She's like my sister.How could he do this to her?I saw Louis with Elena.They were smiling and laughing.Louis looked at me and smiled,"Hey Harry!" I didn't even look at him.I just walked away.

"Hey Harry! Why are you-?" 

I swung around."Why am I ignoring you? You can figure that out all by yourself..." I started walking but then I stopped.

I turned around,Louis was shocked."Wow...Thats the exact same face Alexa had...Or did you forget about her? I hope you're happy together."

I walked out the school doors and saw Zayn and Alexa in their car. Alexa's head was pressed on window.She let out a few and never wiped them away.

The window was half open so I screamed her name.Sure enough her head popped up and her bright blue eyes were shinning my way. I smiled when the car stopped and ran up to them.

"Think I can bum a ride off of you?" Zayn smiled.

"Anytime mate."

I hopped in the car I rubbed Alexa's shoulders and did my best to make her laugh.I sang parts of songs on the radio even though I did't know any of them. Alexa smiled but still let out tiny hiccups from her sobs.

When arrived at the house Zayn's mom was there.She wanted him to help him with the shopping so they left.She knew that she could trust me.

(Sorry it been long I've been busy D: ANYWWAAAAY Next chapter will be fun hopefully...But not for Louis..:D)



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