Not To Deep.

"I'm no one. I'm worthless." I said as I pulled out the sharp blade."You can't do anything right.Everyone hates you." I cried.I faced the blade towards me,showing my reflection."Ugly whore,just pitiful." I said mimicking the words of others.
I know who I am and I know who I'm not,I guess I just listen to what others think of me.
A strike of pain shook through my body.I let out a silent scream of both pain and pleasure.
"Remember.." I thought. "Not Too Deep."


5. Drunken Mistakes.

Alexa's POV

It was about 3 in the morning when I heard a loud bang coming from the kitchen.My heart was beating a mile a minute.I slipped out of bed,grabbed baseball bat and walked down the hallway.I checked Zayn's room. Zayn was sleeping like a baby so I'm sure I won't be able to wake him up.

I sighed and continued down the long hallway when I heard another sound,this time it was a voice

"God Damn it!" I heard.It was close.

I tightened the grip on my bat and looked into the dark room.I heard faint footsteps but I didn't trust that they left.

I walked farther into the room the room not knowing where I was.I was about to turn into the kitchen when a hand covered my mouth and a strong arm wrapped around my waist.

"Boo" Louis? I smelt a strong smell of alcohol.He let go of me and turned me around.


"I just wanted to see you beautiful." He hiccuped.I sighed.

"Louis,You're drunk.And don't you think you're moms worried?" 

He shook his head."No I told her I was sleeping over at Zayn's and she was cool with it." I nodded.

I sat down on the table behind me and looked down.

"I thought you never wanted to see or talk to me ever again?" Louis pulled my chin up and looked into my eyes.

"Alexa... That was a mistake I'm sorry! I didn't mean any of that." He stroked my cheek.The smell of his alcohol burned my nose,But I wanted him close to me.

He looked down at my lips and then back up."Alexa..." He mumbled.

"Yes Louis?" I said.I was breathing heavy,only because I knew what was going to happen next.

"I love you.." He said and put his lips against mine.Our mouths moved in sync as he pulled my waist against his.

When we finally parted I was out of breath,But Louis just went for my neck.The kissing and tugging feeling came back.I smiled as I held his hands.

"I love you too,Lou." I felt him smile as he let go.He looked me in the eyes once more.He went to lean in again but the lights flashed on.

"Having fun?" I heard zayn say.I blushed as did louis.

"Heh..Hey Zayn!" Louis said turning around to Zayn. Zayn looked very very angry

"Alexa.I want you upstairs,now."

"Zayn I'm-" 

"NOW!" I jumped at his voice.Louis rubbed my back,"Don't touch her,Louis."

He put his hands up in defeat.I walked by Zayn,a tear rolled down my cheek.

Why can't I have one good moment in my life?


(Well they kissed! But will he remember later?And Zayn saw what happened to!What will happen?Until next time :D)

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