234 Days

This is a poem for my best friend .
who I will not get to see or hear from for over eight months .
She is my sister and I love and miss Her .
So this is For Ellforever and I count the 234 days till I see you again .


3. Steal the Show


Part time Poet - Steal the show 

                 what is a love song when its missing love?

                 How many doves of  Romeo ? 

                 How many nights stayed home alone?

                 Are you stepping on my throne? 


                 Steal my show and I will pretend not to know . 

                steal the show for the love of flight 

                with you every thing is right . 

                 steal the show there  is nothing more low . 


                A shooting star just passing by , every time love goes to die 

                Steal the show and find something real  . 

                Break your heart and it we never heal .

                who showed  you how to feel?

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