234 Days

This is a poem for my best friend .
who I will not get to see or hear from for over eight months .
She is my sister and I love and miss Her .
So this is For Ellforever and I count the 234 days till I see you again .


4. PDX


   by the Part time poet


   I thought I lost you one mild spring day ,

   when the orchids had bent to prayer .

    I thought of the end ,

   and losing my friend.


    Calls came and went , none of them you

    I sat alone listening to dial tone , hoping to hear you .

    the chamber cold and ready ,

    my hand shook and I couldn't hold it steady ,

    but pressed to my head I waited the fall of Rome.


    PDX the news came so fast , and

    I lowered the doubt that clung to my lobe .

    home , they said you where coming , home .

    I would wait for a call to never come , Not that it

    was a lie , no one thought they would go without saying goodbye .


     PDX and 1:30 pm , Hopes and dreams , they were shattered my friend .

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