234 Days

This is a poem for my best friend .
who I will not get to see or hear from for over eight months .
She is my sister and I love and miss Her .
So this is For Ellforever and I count the 234 days till I see you again .


2. A little More Grey

 A little More Grey 

    By the part time poet 


          All the words from november at the bay, 

          All the colors fading grey . 

          We laughed for tomorrow , 

          and remembered yesterday . 


         We forgot how to sing , as does a lark in the tree .

         We memorized the  things , that would pass with spring. 

         Three of us wondering the desert alone, Three of us searching ,

         searching for a throne . 


          A little More each day my mind  goes grey , 

         all our memories washed away . 

         I thought of the front porch looking in , 

         I held the torch that burned the skin . 


         We never knew how to prayer , we only knew one day .

         one day at a time , till we reach the old worn down finish line .

         Each day alone was a grey beach in cyclone . 

         all things turned to grey when you went away .         

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