234 Days

This is a poem for my best friend .
who I will not get to see or hear from for over eight months .
She is my sister and I love and miss Her .
So this is For Ellforever and I count the 234 days till I see you again .


1. 234 days

                      234 days 

               234 days and I love you !

               The summer tans to the winter Jazz band,

               Morning butterflies the color of blue .

               all the ways I spend my days with out you .


               Endless days that balance on two ticking hands. 

              counting the moments that I am missing you , 

               rubber bands for all the styles we go threw , 

               wishing for you not to forget me .


                234 days and I love you ! 

               snow falls across the land , 

               The time is at hand for you to come home,

               I will wrap one more ribbon gently like a dove . 

               234 days went by I sent my love . 


               The best gift with no ribbons,

               the perfect fit with no changes,

               234 days  waiting brought you home ,

               234 days walking on loves shore , 

               All the things I do because I'm missing you.  


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