Love that last forever

A princess and a guard she's known her whole life does he love her does she love him will her father the king be able to handle if they do what will happen when another kingdom comes to kidnap the princess will the guard protect her or will he give her up?


1. The beginning

The princess was ten years old today her birthday and her father decided she needed a guard. Her new guard was a boy twelve years old but a trained fighter and he swore to protect her with his life. She loved his bright blue eyes and shaggy brown hair and he loved her dark brown eyes with little flecks of green in them and her black hair. They were friends instantly they were never apart. And when her mother died he was there to comfort her when her father never was. She never forgot that day. She new her mother was murdered by a traitor in the castle. But why and who did it? Her mother was always nice to the staff. Seven years later she was still asking those same question. Nobody knew. Why had someone murdered her mother not her father. Were going to come after her now?
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