Love that last forever

A princess and a guard she's known her whole life does he love her does she love him will her father the king be able to handle if they do what will happen when another kingdom comes to kidnap the princess will the guard protect her or will he give her up?


2. The attack

"Smile your seventeen today." My best friend Peter said he was also my guard. "What's so special about being seventeen?" I questioned. "Well I cant explain it but its your birthday so its gotta be a happy day," he said "so smile that beautiful smile you have." He continued. "Like this?" I said smiling my goofy smile "Annabeth you really are something." He said shaking his head before I could answer we heard a scream and we started running then we saw soldiers and they weren't ours we ran towards the stable "What about my father" I yelled. "He's got his own guards we need to protect you your the trophy they want now let's go" He had already gotten a horse our fastest and he was holding his hand out from his position on the saddle I grabbed it and flung myself on then we rode away from that place. I had no idea where we were going but we were definitely leaving my home the only place I've ever known.
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