Run away


1. The night I escaped

 Melodys P.O.V

   OW OW OW OW!!! I thought to my self my mother was kicking me for getting home late from school. I started to cry and she stopped only so she could smoke. I ran to my roomi packed my bags. I've had enough of her. I said to my self. I packed all my clothes, gitar, sighned microphone (sighned by Selena Gomes ), all my fave books, my one direction merch., and my electronics. Before she came in I snuck to the cookie jar and took about 200 that should cover for at least one month. I ran back up stairs and pretend slept untill she went to bed I grabed my 2 suit cases threw them out the window and jumped. I landed on my feet. Nice I thought. I ran to the nearest park. Slept there for the night. I woke up to this blond boy shaking me. I'll clean the dishes ok .  I got up still half asleep and fell on him. Oh sorry i ran away last night. Oh then you can come live with me and my five mates. He said. Wait I know that Irish accent any were. Your Niall horan from one direction.

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