Behind closed doors

I don’t know what it was that intrigued me, but she did. She got to me. She crept her way under my skin only within a few days I was drawn to her. Out of the two years of being in this school and avoiding everyone at all costs, this girl- this broken, good girl, changed me. She changed me completely. But I wouldn’t dare change a thing about her, she was perfect beyond belief, the way her hair flowed down her back and her smile lit up my world, but you know they say. Everything is different behind closed doors.


1. Running


My heart pounded to the beat of my feet racing over the hard ground. Sweat dripped from my forehead, causing my hair to cling against it as my throat ached for air. The thrilling rush of wind slammed against my face, cooling me the slightest bit. My muscles stretched, and pushed harder, urging me to go on. My pace evened out and my legs made the ground fly under me. I didn’t stop, I couldn’t stop, I had to run, I needed to leave. To where that might be, I haven’t got a clue. All I know is that I need to go. I need to get out. The long narrow piece of land beneath me, holds my future, the soft dirt blowing in the wind rising up to my face making me squint my itchy eyes . The dirt starts to build up around me; every step awakens the sleeping giant within me. My breathing quickens, trying to soothe my need for oxygen, but it is no use by the dirt that stops me. I feel trapped; like I am suffocating in the middle of my escape, like there is no way out, like this path leads nowhere, no escape. I have to try to get out, though. Regardless of how much my body tries to stop me, that's all I can do to survive.


Harry’s POV

“boy you know you can’t stay here long.” Glen says as he slides me a bagel.

“I know. I know, but I haven’t got a shit of a clue where I’m going to go.” I mumble.

“maybe you can get a job, try making some money and get an apartment or something.” he suggests with a shrug as he wipes down the tables before his bar opens.

“Do you know how long I have been trying for a job?! With my past no one is going to want me hired.” I grunt.

“I thought you told me you where done with the crap.” he glared.

“I am! I am! it’s just that they don’t know that! And I can’t seem to convince anyone around here.” I shoot back. I have tried so hard to start a new life. Get a job, get a house, and forget the past. But none of this is working out the way it should have. I have been staying here at Glen’s house for the past year and a half and I still can’t find a job and support myself.  Glen’s 25 years old and owns ‘Study Hall’ bar. He took me in when I needed help and has been there for me since.

“Well I can see what I can do, okay? I might be able to get you a job here. But first I need to let others apply.” My head snapped up from the bagel I was staring at.

“are you serious?!” I ask excitedly.

“you’re like a son to me Romeo .” I cringed at the name. that’s what I’ve been called around here, ‘Romeo’ I hate the nickname, people think I’m some ladies man, and that I sleep with countless of women, but I don’t. Sure I hook up with some but not that many. No one even knows my real name, and  I don’t plan on telling anyone any time soon.

“thanks Glen.” I nod as I stand up and take a big bite of my bagel. “I gotta get to school but I’ll see you later.” I say with a mouth full.


“Romeo come here!” Louis shouted to me. Louis happens to be the only person in school I actually talk to. Considering he’s Glen’s nephew and lives right next door. He’s like a younger brother.

“Hey Louis.” I say as we do a little hand shake. “What’s up?” I question.

“Well I need you to come and sit with me at lunch.” he said in almost a pleading way.

“no.” I say curtly as I turn and try making my way to class.

“Come on man! Please? I seriously just need some cred around here.”

“dude you’re the schools hot shot. you’re on the freaking football team and king of the school... don’t even try that.” I grumble.

“But Rom-”

“no.” with that I continued my walk to class. The thing is everyone knows I don’t talk to people around here. I don’t have friends, I don’t want them. I’m not a loner per say, but I’m not that kid you see surrounded by a group of people. But I like my life the way it is. It’s better to be able to just worry about myself and no one else. I don’t need more on my plate. Im a senior now which means one year left till I’m out of this jail cell.


I make my way through the cafeteria doors to buy myself a coke. I never eat lunch in the school cafeteria. I always sit in my normal spot outside on the bench, everyone knows it’s ‘my’ bench, I mean I never put a claim on it, people just assumed.

But I needed a drink. As I walked through the sea of students holding my ice cold coke can in my hands I felt a chilling sticky liquid seep through my shirt, as a little body collided into my chest.

“no, no, no, no, no, please no.” I heard a little voice mumble from in front of me. I slowly lifted my head up as my eyes filled with rage. Did this person not have fucking eyes?! Couldn’t they have the decency to watch where they were going?!

“Watc-” before I could finish what I was going to say the mystery girl fled from the scene as fast as her little legs could take her.

“who was that?!” I asked the no one in particular.

“Jenna Carson.” Louis said from beside me as he watched her retreating figure.

“you know her?” I frowned at him.

“no, not really. But I know of her.” he shrugged. I nodded my head slowly as I shoved my drink into Louis’s hands. “whoa there, where are you going?” Louis said holding onto my arm. I roughly shook his hand off me and continued walking; I’m going to make that girl apologize to me.

“I’m going to find her!” I grit out as I stomp my way to the door. As I walked I could hear the murmurs of the students around me saying things like ‘She’s dead.’ ‘I feel sorry for her’ ‘poor Jenna’ ‘how long do you think she’ll be in the hospital for?’ I almost stopped in my tracks at the things these people thought. I would never harm her. All I wanted was an apology, was that too much to ask? Did I seem like I wanted to kill her? To hurt her?

I made my way outside to where I assumed she’s be and I spent a good twenty minutes hunting down this girl. Why is it so hard for her to just show her face and apologise!? ‘because she’s scared of you’ a voice in my head shouted. I ignored it and kept my search for the girl.

Suddenly I saw the mop of dirty blonde wavy hair underneath a tree down in the back of the school’s woods. I heard mumbling but couldn’t make out a word she was saying. She rocked back and forth hugging her knees to her chest as tears poured down her face. She had Papers spread out all around her and what looked like bills clutched in her tiny hands with a calculator in front of her. I kept my pace as I made my facial expression neutral in order to get an apology out of her. But I stopped when I heard her pleads.

“I’m so sorry, I’m sorry. He’s going to kill me. I’m dead, I’m dead...” she whimpered. “I should have just looked up! Why didn’t I look up?!” she cried. “I promise it won’t happen again god. I promise, they can pick on me all they want just please not today. Out of all days please not today.” she begged looking up as tears continued to pour from her eyes. I shuffled over to the side a little so I was out of her view and was determined to see what she looked like without her catching me. I wasn’t trying to be creepy but I wanted to know. As I squinted my eyes a little I noticed how cute she actually was. Why haven’t I seen her before- well it’s not like I would notice her anyways... She looked sad, and scared, also a bit cold. It was early fall and it was just getting cooler out, she obviously wasn’t dressed for this weather, but she didn’t seem to try and fix it as her body shivered with the wind. I wonder what’s this girls deal....


All day I have been trying to get this Jenna out of my mind, but I can’t. It’s impossible. I had so many questions, so many thoughts! why was she so scared? Why did she have bills? Why did she dress like that in the middle of fall? I couldn’t ask anyone about her because I don’t talk to anyone, and if I did they would suspect something. If I ask Louis he will hold it against me. But I had no choice. I needed to do this. The next day at lunch time I walked into the cafeteria and did the most daring thing I would think of.

“JENNA CARSON!” I shouted silencing the entire cafeteria. I looked around each and every student trying to spot her blazing blue eyes and her light brown hair. I scanned the tables- when suddenly a little someone caught my eye. I just wanted to talk to her, I wanted her to say sorry, I wanted to maybe say sorry myself if I was the reason she was crying, I didn’t want to be the reason for her tears. I made my way over to her, each muscle in my body tensed, my arms where crossed over my chest and whispers where filing the air. When I was only a mere five steps in front of her I noticed something in her blazing blue eyes. Something that I wished to never see from her- or from any girl for that matter:


She was afraid of me. She was scared because she had absolutely no idea what I was going to do. She didn’t know that all I wanted was an apology she didn’t know I wasn’t going to hurt her. from the look she gave me she came up with her own conclusion, a conclusion I didn’t like.

“please don’t hurt me...” something  snapped inside me as she whimpered out each word and cringed away from me. I felt the urge to protect this innocent girl, this broken beauty. I felt the need to be there for her, but I knew nothing about her, all I knew was no matter what I used to be in this school- a loner, shy, a bad boy. I made a promise to myself that I would help this girl, I would protect her, from what it is that makes her so scared and vulnerable.

“I won’t hurt you.”

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