Behind closed doors

I don’t know what it was that intrigued me, but she did. She got to me. She crept her way under my skin only within a few days I was drawn to her. Out of the two years of being in this school and avoiding everyone at all costs, this girl- this broken, good girl, changed me. She changed me completely. But I wouldn’t dare change a thing about her, she was perfect beyond belief, the way her hair flowed down her back and her smile lit up my world, but you know they say. Everything is different behind closed doors.


2. Jumping to conclusions

Jenna POV

Why did it have to be me? of all people? I had to bump into him?! I’m not sure what his name was, all I know is that he is scary, older, and mean. I didn’t need this! I just wanted today to be over with so I can apply for that job today, so that I could finally pay my overdue bills... Why did I have to end up like this? why can’t I be strong and stand up for myself? why does this guy want to kill me?

“Please don’t hurt me...” I whimpered as I flinched away from his glare. I glanced up at the boy in front of me to see him looking at me as though I punched him in the gut. He looked at me intently as if thinking of something really hard. He stepped closer bending down so we where eye level and whispered softly.

“I won’t hurt you.” I nodded my head as tears pricked my eyes. I want to believe him, I mean the way he said it sounded so believable. I bit my lip and look down at the ground not really sure of what to do... was he going to yell at me for yesterday? “here.” he said as he stretched his large hand out to me. I looked up at his face and gulped slightly before putting my tiny shaky hand in his. He looked around at all the stares we were getting and I instantly coward away. I’m not much of an attention seeker, to be honest I’m not much of people person. I have one friend, but she doesn’t even go to this school, and I wouldn’t really classify her as a friend.

“I didn’t mean to scare you.” He mumbled as he dropped my hand when we reached the empty hallway.

“I-it’s okay.” I stuttered still scared out of my wits. A cold sweat dripped upon my head. Not the sweat from running, but the sweat from anxiety. My heart pounded like a drum inside my chest as I flickered my eyes around anywhere but his face. This wasn’t okay, I didn’t feel safe, I may not know his name but I know he’s a bad boy. I know he’s a senior, and I know what he’s capable of…

Harry POV

A look of pure panic and fear suddenly crossed Jenna’s face as she looked around the halls nervously. Her breathing spiked and her eyes watered.

“Jenna are you-” before I could utter another sound her body gave out in front of me as her eyes rolled back, before she could fall to her feet I was fast enough to scoop her up in my arms and cradle her to my chest. Her tiny body melted into mine as I started my way to the nurse’s office. Teachers glanced at me from their rooms but no one dared questioning me. Even if they did I wouldn’t let them near her. She needed medical help and no one was going to bring her there other than me.

“Oh my god!”The nurse shouted as she ran from her previous patient to me. “what happened to her?” she asked moving a piece of hair out of Jenna’s face.

“I think she had a panic attack.” I tell her. “should I put her down err…”

“oh right, follow me.” the nurse said as she opened a door with a small bed and chair. “just lay her down and I will be right in.” she nodded to me. I picked up my hand and sent her a thank you wave and placed Jenna down on the bed.

~20 minutes later~

Classes have already started but I made no attempt to go. I have cut class before so it wouldn’t be a first. But I felt the need to stay here with Jenna. I probably scared the poor girl out her mind. I might have stressed her out, or maybe overwhelmed her- all I know is that this is my fault, I feel responsible for all this and I feel the need to be by her side.

“mmmm” a soft groan filled the air as the creaking of the leather bed moved beneath her. “ow.” she mumbled rubbing her head. She looked around the room slowly and her eyes slowly flittered on me. I gave her a small smile, that I wasn’t used to showing and she stared at me with wide blue eyes.

“What’d you do to me?” she whimpered rubbing her head. “You said you wouldn’t hurt me.” she whispered.

“I-I didn’t hurt you Jenna.” I say softly as stare into her deep blue eyes.

“Then w-why am I at a doctor’s office.” she cried. I shook my head and stared at this fragile girl before me.

“Jenna you’re at the nurse’s office. You had a panic attack and I brought you here. I didn’t hurt you, I kept to my word. I promise.” I assured her. Her face turned a light shade of pink and she wiped her tears.

“I'm sorry for jumping to conclusions. I- I didn’t- I'm sorry.” she mumbled sweetly.

“it’s alright.” I assure her. “are you feeling okay?” I ask. She nodded a few times and licked her chapped lips. “would you like water?” I offer.

“yes please.” she said shyly making me smile. I got up from my seat and walked out of the small room taking a plastic cup and filling it from the water in the cooler right outside the door. I brought the cup back into her room and placed it by her bed.

“thanks.” I nodded in response and sat down beside her trying to seem less intimidating. the last thing I want right now is her to pass out again.

“Oh look Miss Carson you’re up!” Nurse Olly said as she clapped her hands together. “how are you feeling?”

“I feel fine Olly.” she said sweetly. How did she know Olly’s name? does she come here a lot?

“Okay, ill just sign you out and write you both a pass for class. Oh and make sure to thank this young man.” Olly said jokingly as she pointed me. “he stayed here till you woke up and refused to leave your side.” she pointed out making me duck my head and blush. I heard Jenna let out a nervous chuckle and Olly left the room.

“thank you…” Jenna trailed off looking for my name. I contemplated on telling her my actual name or what this whole town calls me, but if I told her that would she get the wrong impression on me. No one knows my real name but maybe I could tell her…

“Romeo.” Maybe not, not yet anyways.

“Well thank you Romeo. I'm sorry for all the trouble I put you through.” she said sincerely as she hoisted herself up and steadied herself on her feet, making her way to the door.

“your wlecome Jenna.” I call back as she continued out the room.

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