Love in Neverland

many people have watched Peter pan, but how do Pan and Hook hate each other? why? Well.... i guess you going to have to find out by reading Love In Neverland aren't you.



In 1906 London, orphan  Louis Pan is one of a gang of juvenile street thieves assembled by arch crook and ace fencer Harold "Harry" Hook. When Harry scores a major job, the ever-willing-to-please Louis talks the other boys into pulling off the heist themselves in order to impress Harry. They manage to steal a strange glowing orb from a gallery for a mysterious man. While Louis is off to the side, the boys and Harry gather around the orb. When Harry slips and falls, the orb falls on the ground, Louis watches a glowing sphere encompass them and they disappear. Believing his friends dead, Louis runs to find the man for whom they stole the orb in order to exact revenge. The man tells Louis that they are still alive, so Louis hits the orb himself to see where they went.


Authors Note...

first thing.. i know this is short, it is only the prologue
secondly... this is based before the movie peter pan... so it is how hook and pan hate eachother and stuff..

thirdly...  I'm kinda new to all this, and this is my first fan fiction! yay! i have a wattpad account if you use wattpad (louisasa1d) i have a few story's on there 

Louisasa1d xx

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