Nannies or a Boyband?

Kody's, Alex's, and Riley's parents leave to live in Paris for 2 years. They hire a nanny for the 3 sisters. And little do the girls know, their nannies are the biggest Boyband on Earth...


1. Character Analysis: Kody

Name: Kody Dawson

Age: just turned 17

Appearance: butt long, curly, red hair. Ice blue eyes. Short. Very curvy in all the right places. Athletic, strong, freckles. 

Fashion: Combat boots, jeans (skinny/colorful and regular blue jeans), graphic tees, vintage tees, headphones, leather jackets

Personality: Sassy, Sweet, Mean, Sarcastic, hyperactive, random, loads of energy

Likes: Food, Carnivals, having fun, sports


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